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How To Change Your Pet In Spelunky 2

Change the pet according to your preference.

Players can have companions in Spelunky 2 in the form of pets. For instance, Ana’s dog that she has around with her. Players can rescue several pets in Spelunky 2 and use them as their companions on their journey. These pets do not have any impact on the gameplay, but they do make the game a lot more enjoyable and cheerful to play. If you are fond of a specific pet in the game, there is a way to change your pet in Spelunky 2. If you want to know how, follow this how to change pet in Spelunky 2 guide, where we will be listing all the pets that you can choose among and how to change them in Spelunky 2.


Change Your Pet in Spelunky 2

Changing your pet in Spelunky 2 is pretty straightforward. Although changing pets does not impact gameplay, it is done from the gameplay option of the menu.

All you need to do is open the options menu while playing the game. Next, head to the options tab and from there get into the gameplay menu. This menu allows you to change various gameplay elements including the option to change your pet in Spelunky 2.

Now choose the pet that you want to show up and rescue in the game. Currently, there are a total of three different options that you can choose from. These three options are:

  • Poochi the Hamster
  • Percy the Cat
  • Monty the Pug

Once you choose the pet of your choice, that pet will appear in the game and make sounds while you are near him or her. Depending on the pet chosen, you will hear a different sound from them when you are nearby. So while changing your pet in Spelunky 2, also remember that their sounds will change accordingly.


Now you know basically know everything about how to change your pet in Spelunky 2. You can also unlock and ride other animals who cannot become your pet but can help you during the game. For instance, you can get Axolotl in Spelunky 2. While progressing in the game, you will encounter several bosses such as Olmec. Knowing how to beat Olmec in Spelunky 2 will help you easily defeat the bosses and win the game.