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How To Easily Get An Axolotl In Spelunky 2

Axolotl is a mount in Spelunky 2. You can find it in the game or purchase it, find out where to find & buy axolotl in Spelunky 2 easily.

Axolotl in Spelunky 2 is a ridable mount that will give you extra mobility and abilities if you manage to pet it, if you’re curious about how to pet an Axolotl in Spelunky 2, check this guide out for all the information that you need.


How To Get An Axolotl In Spelunky 2

Spelunky 2 will have you travel from one cave or underground cavity to another in order to collect treasures. While this can be a greatly disastrous adventure, you get to have pets that can help you change a few things and give you additional boosts and abilities that you would not otherwise.

To get an Axolotl in Spelunky 2, there are two methods and one of the methods will need to climb on the back of one that you find in the world, this can be tricky as the Axolotl will not easily let you mount it and will move left and right.

axolotl spelunky 2

The first thing is that you will need to find an Axolotl and they can be found in the fourth zone of the game which is known as the Tide Pool.

You will need to be aware of the bubbles that it creates and these bubbles can hurt you if you come in contact, if you do not want to get hurt by a bubble you can choose to dismount and the Axolotl will give up the fight.


If you stay on the back of the axolotl long enough, it will stop moving and you will see hearts forming at the mouths of the Axolotl and it will become your pet.

You can use the axolotl’s incredible movement speed to get you from one place to other quickly and even defeat enemies by capturing and damaging them with the bubbles.

Alternatively, you can even purchase an Axolotl from the in-game shops that randomly appear in each level across the maps. Beware as you will need to spend around thousands of dollars to buy an axolotl and finding cash in Spelunky 2 can be difficult.

What Can Axolotls Do In Spelunky 2

Any pet that you can get in Spelunky 2 like the Axolotl, Turkeys, or Rock Dogs will increase the movement speed and even give you abilities that will help you defeat enemies faster and even more efficiently.


Axolotls can use their ability of trapping enemies in bubbles to great effect, not only will this help you clear out a lot of enemies but this also deals damage to them significantly.

If you get the opportunity to tame an Axolotl in Spelunky 2, use it and you will breeze through the game in an instant.

This is all there is to know about how to get an axolotl in Spelunky 2 and what they do. Make sure to give a peek at How to defeat Olmec in Spelunky 2.