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How To Beat Olmec In Spelunky 2

Easily beat the last boss in the original run in Spelunky.

Olmec was the last boss of the original run in Spelunky, and now he is back in Spelunky 2. In this game, he is found waiting for players at the biome 3-1. Both the sub-biomes, Volcana and Jungle will lead players to Olmec, hence, there is no escaping. For those who have played Spelunky, they will know how Olmec fights. But for those who have recently become the fan of the game, Olmec will pound on to you to smash you into the ground and kill you. If you don’t want to get killed by Olmec, you will have to beat Olmec in Speclunky 2 before he gets his stony face on you. If you are wondering how you will do so, this how-to beat Olmec in Spelunky 2 guide will help you with just that.

How to Defeat Olmec in Spelunky 2


To beat Olmec in Spelunky 2, you will have to make him squash continuously on the same area of the ground so that he drops into the Lava below. To do this you can either use bombs, or you can easily do it without them if you don’t want to waste any.

If you are planning to use bombs, it is better to learn how to use them correctly. One tip that I would want to give here is to defeat giant spiders in Spelunky 2 and collect the glue they drop. This glue will convert regular bombs into sticky bombs and they will stick to the surface they first hit. Sticky bombs will make it easier for you to target the ground beneath Olmec and easily defeat him in Spelunky 2.

To beat Olmec the other way around, you will have to learn his pattern and accordingly create your strategy. One of the best strategies is to make him ground stomp on two different locations instead of one. Having a single location can be quick but it also brings in the risk of moving your way out of his stomp. Hence, you need to make him stomp on two different locations, which are neither too far nor too close to each other.


Now when he tries to stomp on you in the left direction, make your way to the right into the other location and go vice versa. This will help you easily defeat Olmec in Spelunky 2. You don’t have to complete defeat Olmec in the game. When you have reached a mid-point in the level, you can simply push the block and enter the Tide Pool from there.

That’s basically everything you need to know to beat Olmec in Spelunky 2. This might sound simple, but it is always easier said than done. If you are planning to go straight to Olmec and defeat him in Spelunky, you need to reconsider your idea. Before heading there, you need to learn some essentials of the game such as how to heal quickly and how to use ropes. Once you have read and learned these essentials, you are all set to go and beat Olmec in Spelunky 2.