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Spelunky 2 Golden Key: Where To Use It?

This is where to use the Golden Key in Spelunky 2 so if you are wondering what to do with this, here's your answer.

While playing Spelunky 2, you will encounter the Gold Key. Once you get your hands on it, you might wonder – What to do with this Golden Key in Spelunky 2? Where to use it and does it open a treasure chest? If that exact thought crossed your mind, you are right, my friend! I will explain how you can use this special key and get a special reward with it.


How to Use the Golden Key in Spelunky 2

The Gold Key will unlock a chest in a particular location so if you are curious to know where to use it, you will get the answer here. There will be multiple keys that you will find throughout the game so go ahead and pick them up. We can’t tell you where exactly to go because every level is procedurally generated. But you will come across it while playing normally – they can be directly visible or they can be carefully hidden. Keep it in your hand every time because if you don’t, you might lose the precious item.

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Where to use it? Well, you need to look for an entrance that looks like this.


Located it? Alright then, head inside it and you will see a treasure chest. Open it up and get the Udjat Eye from it. If you don’t have the key, you won’t be able to open the chest hence the key is very important to get this reward.


Fans of the original game are already aware of this item but if you are playing the sequel first, the Udjat Eye basically lets you see the hidden items that are inside blocks. Plus, it will also let you see the jewels which you wouldn’t see otherwise.

This is what you need to know about the Golden Key in Spelunky 2 and where to use it. We have lots more Spelunky 2 tips and tricks for you that will surely help you out. Read our guides on how to save the dog, how to revive friends, escape from the Ghost enemy, ride a turkey and all the shortcut requirements.