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How To Save The Dog In Spelunky 2

What to do with the dog in Spelunky 2? You gotta rescue it! Here's how.

One of the cutest things about Spelunky 2 is that there will be companion that you can rescue in every level of the game. Players of the original might remember the blonde woman, a dog and a man but in the sequel, you get dogs only. If you are curious to know how to save the dog in Spelunky 2, I will explain it to you in this guide.


Spelunky 2 Dog Rescue Guide: How to Save the Dog

It is important to note that the dogs are going to be in places that you might need grappling hooks or ropes to get to. You might even need to use bombs to make your way to them. What to do with the dog, you ask? You need to take it to the exit, that’s all.


It’s tough to get to them but what is tougher is saving them. But here’s what you have to do to rescue dogs in Spelunky 2. Go ahead and stand right on the dog and press Down (d-pad) and Square on the PS4 controller at the same time. This will let you pick the pug up. Now you can bring your little companion to a safe area which is the tricky part. You won’t be able to use items like the whip while you are carrying the little animal.

If you leave the dog aside (that is, stop carrying it), it will run around bringing more danger to itself. On the other hand, if you carry the dog, you have to be prepared for enemy attacks. When the fight gets heated, you can try throwing the dog at the enemy but it puts the dog in danger. It can even die!

Basically, it is all about fast thinking and making the right decisions. Eventually you will be able to save the dog in Spelunky 2. Once you do that, your dog will thank you by licking you lovingly. You also get a heart (that is, one more health). As you rescue more companions, you get extra hearts so you need to keep doing this to gain more HP.


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