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Spelunky 2 All PC & PS4 Cheat Codes – Are There Any to unlock Unlimited Health?

Spelunky 2 is a challenging game, using some cheats is not cheating at all. In this guide, we tried to bring in all working cheat codes for this game.

Finding hard to beat Spelunky 2 then let’s try to find out some cheat codes. Spelunky 2 is a game about exploration, finding treasures, and avoiding traps. This may sound simple but it is a quite challenging game. Some of the levels are highly frustrating pushing you to replay it again and again. In this guide, I am going to locate some cheats codes for Spelunky 2.


How to enable Cheats in Spelunky 2?

Unfortunately, the game does not support cheats yet. But there are certain glitches you can try out. It all relies on how well you understand enemies’ behavior. That’s the way to avoid getting killed and replay things again and again. To save your time the best thing you can do is try our Survival Guide. There are some shortcuts in this guide that will tell you about dealing with enemies. Like unlocking Helping Hand early in the game will allow you to grab treasures by avoiding traps.

Spelunky 2 Cheat codes are missing till date. But we are trying our best to find the working Spelunky cheats for PC and PS4 both. While playing Seplunky 2 unlocking trophies is the best thing you can do. Here is a list of trophies you can unlock by completing the requirements.

  1. A Second Chance – Obtain the Ankh in a non-seeded run.
  2. Arena Champion – Win a First-to-Five Deathmatch against three bots using the Default ruleset.
  3. Awakened – Reach the Cosmic Ocean in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  4. Chosen One – Obtain the Tablet of Destiny in a non-seeded run.
  5. Divine Right – Obtain some royal headwear in a non-seeded run.
  6. Excavator – Complete the Moon Challenge in a non-seeded run.
  7. Feels Good – Make it past 1-4 in a non-seeded run.
  8. Her Favorite – Obtain the Kapala in a non-seeded run.
  9. Ironman – Complete the game without using shortcuts in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  10. Journeyman – Complete the game in a non-seeded run.
  11. Legendary – Reach the City of Gold in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  12. Low Scorer – Complete the game with no gold in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  13. Mama’s Big Helper – Unlock all three shortcuts.
  14. Mama’s Little Helper – Unlock the first shortcut.
  15. Master – Complete the game by defeating Hundun in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  16. Millionaire – End a run with $1,000,000 or more in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  17. Parenthood – Wake the Eggplant Child in a non-seeded run.
  18. Persistent – Reach the Ice Caves in a non-seeded run.
  19. Pilgrim – Reach the Sunken City in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  20. Seen a Lot – Complete 50% of the Journal or more.
  21. Seen It All – Complete the Journal.
  22. Shadow Shopper – Reach the Black Market in a non-seeded run.
  23. Skills Improving – Make it past Olmec’s Lair in a non-seeded run.
  24. Speedlunky – Complete the game in 10 minutes or less without shortcuts in a non-seeded, single-player run.
  25. Support a Local Business – Buy out Yang’s Pet Shop in a non-seeded run.
  26. Survivor – Complete the Sun Challenge in a non-seeded run.
  27. The Full Spelunky – Obtain all other trophies.
  28. Torchbearer – Complete the Star Challenge in a non-seeded run.
  29. Track Star – Finish the Tutorial Speedrun in under 30 seconds.
  30. Turkey Whisperer – Bring two turkeys to Yang in a non-seeded run.
  31. VIP – Enter Madame Tusk’s Palace of Pleasure as a guest (in a non-seeded run).
  32. You Got This – Unlock the entrance in a non-seeded run.

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