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Spelunky 2: Where To Find The Black Market & Get To It

If you are wondering how to find the Black Market in Spelunky 2 and how to get to it, read this guide till the end.

In Spelunky 2, you step into the shoes of an explorer on a mission and during your adventure, you will be searching for a secret Black Market. Players of Spelunky may already have an idea about it but in case you need a refresher or if you are playing the sequel first, here’s where to find the Black Market in Spelunky 2.

How to Find the Black Market in Spelunky 2


First and foremost, you need the Golden Key. Since the levels are procedurally generated, it is tough to give an exact location. But know that you will get it in Levels 1-2 or 1-3. If you require items like the rope or bomb to get to those areas, check out our guides on how to get those items.

With the Gold Key, you have to get to an entrance and open up the chest. The detailed steps are mentioned in our guide on what to do with the Golden Key in Spelunky 2. Basically, you will get an Udjat Eye from the treasure chest which has a special power. It will help you see hidden jewels, especially those which are lodged inside walls. But it has one more benefit too!



The Udjat Eye in-hand, you have to now get into the Jungle which will be on the exit of 1-4 (bottom left). You have to face or run away from the Quillback on your way there.

So, once you are in the Jungle, how will you find out if you are near the Black Market in Spelunky 2? Well, the Udjat Eye will start to blink and it will also make a sound. It will act like your compass and then you can move in the direction where it blinks faster.



Since it is a secret area, you might have to use a bomb which will reveal the Black Market door. That’s it – you will now have access to the Black Market in Spelunky 2 which is packed with shops.

Finding the Secret Black Market

Go ahead and go on a shopping spree. Note that this Black Market can be in Levels 2-2, 2-3 or even 2-4. Just make sure to focus on the Udjat Eye icon and you will be all set. As the Eye opens and starts chirping, that is when you need to search for the Black Market in the level. Don’t forget that apart from these, you might just get your hands on a secret item too.

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