Where To Find Items And Their Uses In Spelunky 2

Here is the list of all the items in Spelunky 2 and their uses. Locate all weapons, packs, tools and power ups in Spelunky 2

Items in Spelunky will give you tons of different options on how you can dictate your gameplay and this will eventually make for compelling gameplay. If you want to know where to find items in Spelunky 2, then you’ve come to the right place.

Where To Find Items In Spelunky 2

Items in Spelunky 2 can be found inside all the levels that you have to go through and while it can be tricky to fetch some of these items, they usually do tend to be worth the risk.

If you’re not the risky type of a player and still wish to get the item in Spelunky 2, well luck is on your side as you can practically purchase anything you want from the shopkeeper.

You will need to be careful purchasing items as money is scarce and hard to get by. Below you can find a list of items that can be found in Spelunky and what they do.

What Are The Uses Of Items In Spelunky 2?

Different items give you benefits in different categories in Spelunky 2, some might boost up your offense while others can be good to collect resources.


  • Mattock – Can be used as a weapon and can dig through any kinds of blocks.
  • Machete – Like a sword, only smaller. Works like any other machete ever made.
  • Webgun – You can live out your fantasy of playing as Spider-Man in Spelunky 2. You can also make enemies stuck in one place and not crawl up walls.
  • Shotgun – It’s in the name itself, works exactly like a shotgun.
  • Freeze Ray – Live out your fantasy as Mr. Freeze from Batman, you can even shoot the cubes to shatter and kill enemies.
  • Crossbow – A hybrid of a bow and a gun, to not run out of arrows make sure to pick them up.
  • Camera – More useful than just taking pictures, stun enemies and kill bats.
  • Boomerang – What goes around comes around.
  • Hou Yi’s Bow – A rare bow with poison arrows for killing enemies, will inflict damage over time.
  • Pitchers Glove – Throw things further.
  • Climbing Gloves – This lets you become spider-man and climb up walls!
  • Spectacles – Kind of like cheating but without the consequences, see through walls and find treasure better.
  • Udjat Eye – Helpful in finding hidden gems.
  • Spike Shoes – Stomping on enemies will damage them. Its better than just bouncing around.
  • Spring Shoes – Flubber for your shoes! Just the way Robin Williams wanted it to be in the film.
  • Cape – Catches your fall, not exactly but will slow you down.


  • Parachute – Will break your fall, but you only get to use it only once.
  • Jetpack – Fly like James Bond with a jet pack at your back, great tool to travel around.
  • Bomb Bag – Will give you the benefit of adding three more bombs to your inventory.
  • Rope Pile – Will give you the benefit of adding three more ropes to your inventory.
  • Bomb Box – Will give you the benefit of adding 12 more bombs to your inventory.
  • Paste – You can transform your normal bombs to sticky bombs.

Power Ups

Royal Jelly – This item will restore your health.


  • Teleporter – Will instantly teleport to a random location, can be deadly or it can save you. You won’t know unless you try it.
  • Skeleton Key – Can open any lock in the game, can be stored in inventory.
  • Compass – Will show you the way towards the exit.
  • Wooden Shield – Will save you from enemies and projectiles but will break down if you suffer a long fall..
  • Metal Shield – An upgrade to the wooden shield, will crush anything that is between you and walls. Be careful as it can destroy loot as well.

While these were the only items that we could find there are a few more and we will update this guide as soon as more information is available.

This is all there is to know about where to find items in Spelunky 2 and what they do. While you’re here you’ll really improve your game if you know how to unlock new characters in the game.