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Spelunky 2: How To Cure Curse

If you want to know if you can cure curse in Spelunky 2, here are some methods you can cure the Witch doctor or Cursed Pot's curses on you.

In Spelunky 2, you will be encountering various obstacles like dangerous enemies, one-touch kill ghosts, poison and even curse. Since these have a great impact on your health, it is essential to know how to tackle them all. In this guide, we will tell you if you can cure curse in Spelunky 2 and if yes, how to do it.


How to Cure Curse in Spelunky 2

If you come across a Witch Doctor or the Curse Pot, you can get cursed and you will get stuck with the curse until you die in the game. But how to cure curse in Spelunky 2? Well, you need the elixir from the Temple to heal. You can also remove the curse if you sacrifice something for Kali. Here’s how to use Kali’s Sacrificial Altars in the game. Apart from this, some players have noted that you can get rid of the curse by dying with the Ankh.

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How to avoid getting cursed in the first place, you ask? Well, you just need to make sure to act smartly and avoid these sources of curse. That is because Curses will reduce you to 1 health. That’s a huge hit! So try to avoid getting cursed as much as you can.

This is much different from getting poisoned where you get a loss of one heart every 30 seconds until you find a cure for it. In that case, the cure is your little companion. When you take the pet to the exit of the level, it will give you some healing licks. Compared to getting cursed, poison is much simpler to tackle.

So, go ahead and try these tricks to cure curse in Spelunky 2. If we find some more ways to get rid of curses, we will update this post right away.


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