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Luigi’s Mansion 3 All Elevator Keys Location – How To Get All Elevator Buttons

Unlock all 15 Floors

Luigi’s Mansion 3 has fifteen floors to unlock, and each floor has a unique boss to deal with. But to unlock the floor you will need Elevator buttons and it can be a very tiring task to find each and every one. So if you want to know how to find all Elevator buttons in Luigi’s Mansion 3, then here is an complete guide for you. Checkout locations of every elevator key you can find and what boss is waiting for you.

All Elevator Buttons Location


By defeating and capturing a boss you will get access to the next Elevator button, this unlocks various floors in the mansion.

  1. Elevator Key 1 & 5 – Defeat the Steward Ghost in underground garage.
  2. Elevator Key 3 – Defeat the Maid Ghost Chambrea on the 5th Floor (5F – RIP SUITES), you will find her while retrieving Gadd’s briefcase on the first floor.
  3. Elevator Key 2 – Defeat the Kruller on 3rd Floor (3F – HOTEL SHOPS), the security guard boss in the mall region. To defeat the boss first you will have to find four keys.
  4. Elevator Key 4 – Defeat the Chef Soulffle on 2nd floor (2F – MEZZANINE), there is no enough issues here except chasing a mouse who swallows the elevator button.
  5. Elevator Key 6 – Defeat the Amadeus Wolfgiest on 4th floor (4F – THE GREAT STAGE), a mad musician who possess a piano and he is going to give you really hard time.
  6. Elevator Key 7 – Defeat the King MacFrights on 6th floor (6F – CASTLE McFRIGHTS), there are some puzzles here. Our walkthrough can help you just click the link.
  7. Elevator Key 8 – Defeat the Gardener Ghost Dr Potter on 7th floor (7F – GARDEN SUITES), this boss is different, first he will make you climb a whole plant and then use his pet pitcher plant to hunt you down. Weird gardener.
  8. Elevator Key 9 – First you will have to defeat Morty the director on 8th floor (8F – PARANORMAL PRODUCTIONS), he will give you Elevator key 9 that will be robbed by the witty cat. You will have to chase Polterkitty to get the key back.
  9. Elevator Key B2 – Defeat the Dinosaur Shelton on 9th floor (9F – UNNATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM), you will get Elevator button for the basement.
  10. Elevator Key 10 – Defeat the mechanic ghost Clem in second Basement (B2F – BOILAR WORKS), this part is tricky where you will need to solve a puzzle to clear water from the basement.
  11. Elevator Key 11 – Defeat the Egyptian Medusa Serpci on 10th floor (10F – TOMB SUITES), there is an puzzle where you will have to pass through different rooms in the pyramids.
  12. Elevator Key 12 – Defeat the three sisters Nikki, Lindsey and Ginny on 11th floor (11F – TWISTED SUITES), there are some puzzles here.
  13. Elevator Key 13 – Defeat the Captain Fishook on 12th floor (12F – THE SPECTRAL CATCH), this guy is tough. He will possess the entire ship to eat Luigi.
  14. Elevator Key 14 – Defeat the fitness coach ghost on 13th Floor (13F – FITNESS CENTER), it is an easy boss to take down. Once again Polterkitty will grab the elevator  button and escape, read our guide to know here exact location. This is the last time you will face the cat.
  15. Elevator Key 15 – Defeat the DJ Ghost Boss – Phantasmagloria on 14th Floor (14F – THE DANCE HALL), a loot of groovy moves needed. There is trick to defeat this boss, check our guide.

Floor 15 – The Master Suit – This is where you will fight two boss. You are now on the final stage where you have to deal with Hellen Gravely and King Boo. Both are really tough bosses and here more the attack a strategy is needed. You have to wait for the weak points of these bosses that will help you to defeat them or else even thousand health is not enough.