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How to Defeat Hellen Gravely Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Time to mess with the Land Lady

After defeating DJ Phantasmagloria Ghost Boss on the 14th floor your next target is Hellen Gravely, the women who owns The Last Resort. She the second main boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and defeating her is not easy. You will need a friends help here. If you can arrange a second player then it will be quick, or else be ready to switch instantly between Luigi and Gooigi. You will have to find four keys to unlock the control room of Hellen Gravely, below are all key locations and tips on how to defeat Hellen Gravely in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

All 4 Keys Location To Unlock Hellen’s Control Room


Hellen Gravely is waiting for you in the Master Suit of 15th Floor. This level has lot of puzzles and reaching Hellen Gravely is a tiring task. But here you can read a lot of shortcuts on what you have to finally enter into the boss fight with Hellen Gravely. This level is going to be tough, and there are tons of minions ghost in your way, so grab some Golden Bone from the Lab.

Lift the white screen

Defeat Hellen Gravely


First in the waiting area just after the elevator look on the right corner of white screen. Break the cover and Gooigi can slide into to an tiny room that has a chain on the top. There is another pipe that will help you to go on top, as Gooigi grab the chain and jump down. This will lift the white screen and reveal a door. First you will have to find four keys, and then you can fight Hellen. Here are the location of all four keys on 15th floor to fight Hellen Gravely Boss.

Key Location 1 – Key with Yellow Diamond

Defeat Hellen Gravely


After entering turn left and walk to the end, there is a door on the right with an ghost blocking the path. Inside you will find a key which is guarded by lasers. The switch to turn off the laser is below. Blow the powder to see the Lasers, here you have to safely walk below the lasers depending on their projection pattern. For example a set of laser will swivel, you can safely walk from below to reach the other side, others will go in and out. So stand for a while, blow the powder and continue walking safely without touching the laser. Grab the switch using Suction shot and pull it down. Try using Gooigi here. Grab the key and come out.

Key Location 2 – Key with Green Diamond

Outside you will see a few ghost blocking your path, go slow and defeat them one by one. From the main door that you used to enter this area, go right and turn left. You will see Egyptian art inspired paintings on your way. Take help from your mini-map there is an hidden door, use Dark Light to reveal the door at the corner.


Defeat Hellen Gravely

Defeat Hellen Gravely

To get the key first send Gooigi near the fire on the other side. At the left corner rotate the wheel to reveal the switch. Use Gooigi to pull the switch down, and rotate the fan again to reveal the key. Grab it and come outside.

Key Location 3 – Key with Blue Diamond

Exit the room and then head to the north of the area, follow the mini-map and you will be able to spot two more doors. To find the room with blue diamond key, follow the huge paintings of Hellen and Boo. It is very easy to spot on the map, the door is hidden use Dark Light to reveal it. This room is near King Boo’s huge face with four holes in his tongue.

Defeat Hellen Gravely

It is an bathroom with the blue key stuck in the bath tub. There are moving lasers here, do not hurry. Blow the powder on the ground first to see the moving pattern of the laser and move ahead. Jump to avoid the first one. There is also an safe spot where you can stand. You have to walk in the square path, first avoiding the laser to reach the basin with huge mirror. The switch to turn off laser is on its left. After turning off the laser rotate the taps of bathtub to pick the key with blue diamond.

Key Location 4 – Key with Red Diamond

Exit the room and fight with a few ghost, you have to walk left for the final key. The door is on the left of painting of King Boo and Hellen on a boat. This one is a bed room. Do not stand near the bed, as Gooigi walk to the right corner and use suction shot to pull the mannequin. By doing this the bed will move away opening up two more window one for the key and second the switch.

Defeat Hellen Gravely

The problem is you have to balance yourself on the moving platform, if you stand on the pink side it will go up, green will go down. As Luigi and stand in center and then move a little to the pink side to title the platform to block the laser. When you are on top first pull the switch. Next as Googi go little to the green side to move the platform back again on top and grab the key.

Now you have all four keys, while moving towards the King Boo statue, you have to deal with a trap. The game will change its view, deal with the ghost’s and laser. And then interact with Boo’s tongue to unlock the door. Hellen is your next target.

How to defeat Hellen Gravely Boss

She is pissed with what you did to her cat, and now it’s time to fight. Defeating Hellen Gravely in Luigi’s Mansion 3 requires a little strategy, quick switching between Luigi and Gooigi and a little patience. She will summon a device in the center of room that will first shoot lasers on you. Be ready to jump and run along to avoid contact with the laser. First kind of beam just rotate at full speed so just jump at the right time. To avoid the second type stand exactly behind the laser projection and run along with it.

Laser thing will be sorted next is there will be four flat beams completely blocking the path that will shrink you in a small triangle. Here as Gooigi, there are four pipes around the four corner which can let you to go underground. There are four switches and a rotating panel that can block your way for a short while. To keep Luigi safe try to place him at the corner on the opposite direction of moving beam. So that you will have enough time to run towards the switch and turn it off.

Defeat Hellen Gravely

In between Hellen will attack with her mirror, so be ready to press the Right stick to switch back to Luigi, that is the perfect window to attach her. Dodge her attack first and then stun her. Grab her with Poltergust and slam on the ground. She comes with over 600 Health points, so you have to repeat this steps again and again. Do not stun her if she is in the air because she can reflect it back on you, let her roll and attack you.

As soon as you dodge, stun her and then grab her. Start slamming, it is best if you have a friend here, because as Gooigi second player can just keep turning off the beams creating space for Luigi. There will be two to three waves of same attack pattern, so be patient and it is best if you have a second player ready with you.

Defeating Hellen Gravely Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 will free Mario, who will show you way to find the princess. Hope you can kick her out fast, she will not drop any elevator key. You will continue with the final boss fight of Luigi’s Mansion 3 where you will fight King Boo.

Beating King Boo is not easy, being the final boss he is the toughest one and if you know his attack patterns you can secure your victory. Read our walkthrough – how to defeat the final boss King Boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3.