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How to Defeat King Boo Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Ending Walkthrough

The Final Boss

Hopefully Hellen Gravely will sweat you hard and when you are done with her on the final 15th floor of Last Resort it is time for the last fight with final boss of Luigi’s Mansion 3, King Boo. Before heading to the final fight you can once visit the Lab and grab some Golden Bone. King boos is a tough boss so why not to prepare a bit. Mario will take you to the princess. Just follow Mario to the roof. He will hop up leaving you behind, walk right cross the Boo’s face and there is an ladder ahead. Free Princess and the final boss fight of Luigi’s Mansion 3 begins.

How to Defeat King Boo


King Boo is big and he is the boss so this fight is not easy. But there are some cheats you have to remember if you want to really capture this ghost. Below are step by step attack patterns, how to tackle them and what is really needed to kill King Boo in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Here are some very common attack types King Boo will be using and what you have to do here. Do not use flash or Dark light or anything else.

1st Attack Type – Lightning Strike

King Boo will summon lightening strike from sky, you can dodge it by avoiding standing in the red zone. Before the lightening strike’s the ground the floor with red boxes are dangerous.


2nd Attack Type – Crushing with Tongue

He will roll with full speed in air and will try to crush you with his tongue. It is easy to guess where he will attack so just stay out of the line.

3rd Attack Type – Swipe Tongue


King Boo will swipe his tongue from left to right to cover maximum area, jump to dodge this attack. His swipe is slow, you can skip it and avoid getting damage.

4th Attack Type – Fireballs

In the next attack King Boo will throw some fireballs, no need to grab them. They will burn fast, just dodge and stay away.


5th Attack Type – Mace ball – MOST IMPORTANT

Defeat King Boo

King boo will try to hit you with some Mace ball, and one of it will have an explosive ball in it. Grab one and shoot it inside King Boos’ Mouth. There is an very short time of doing this, be highly accurate in this if you miss everything will begin again. If you are able shoot in his mouth the first wave will end. He will fall on the roof, and you will need both Luigi and Gooigi to slam him hard.

How to defeat King Boo – First Wave (Single King Boo)

During the first wave there will be one King Boo who will use all the attack patterns on you. You have to wait for the Mace Ball, once it breaks pick the explosive and shoot it inside his mouth. He will fall on the roof, grab his tongue, both Luigi and Gooigi will have to do this and slam hard to enter the second wave.

How to defeat King Boo – Second Wave (Two King Boo)

Defeat King Boo

In the second wave you have to fight with two King Boo’s, the attack patterns are same. First lightning strike stay out of the red boxes. Every attack will be double this time. He will try to crush by jumping on your head. To avoid it just stay away from the round black shadow, King Boo will land exactly on the same place. More fireballs will be thrown with multiple tough attacks and mace balls. Just wait to grab the explosive and shoot directly inside his mouth.

How to defeat King Boo – Third Wave (Three King Boo)

Attacks will be stronger now, for lightening strike you will have a single safe point to stand. King Boo will use three consecutive attacks of same kind. But this also increases the chances of shooting explosive in his mouth. Hopefully a Golden Bone will help you a lot at this point.

Defeating the final boss King Boo is tough and tiring. Because there is one single window where you can hit explosive in his mouth, otherwise you just have to save your apples. You can use our tips to Defeat King Boo and has a good happy ending.