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Defeat Johnny Deepend Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Defeat the Fitness Coach Ghost

Afterin Fis defeating Captahook on the 12th floor which was quiet tiring, you will get elevator button to the 13th floor where you will fight with ghost of Johnny Deepend. A swimming coach and this level is extremely easy to complete. At the end he will drop Elevator button to the 14th floor.

How to defeat Johnny Deepend Boss on 12th Floor


13th Floor is a Fitness Center, from the elevator take the door on the left to reach the front desk. Watch through the mirror behind the desk to reveal the ghost. A small fight begins where you have to defeat few ghost to unlock your way ahead. Defeating all the ghost will drop a key. Use that to unlock the door on the left of front desk that leads to changing room.

Break the center cabinet by slamming it on the ground using suction shot to reveal the hidden ghost. Defeating them will unlock the door on the path on left. The gym area has pretty strong ghost waiting for you, the big red ones. There are two, one holds weight and second is wearing green boxing gloves.

How to defeat two ghost in the gym?


Defeat The Fitness Coach Ghost

Lure the ghost with green gloves in the center of gym, there is an broken circle, wait for the other one who is throwing weight plates. Once he throws it will fall on the ghost with green gloves. He will be weaker as this point, stun him and slam as Gooigi and Luigi both. You will be able to slam the ghost over the other one making him to throw the weight. After capturing the first one, stun the second and repeat the process.

Go to the cardio room through the door on the left of gym. Run on the first Treadmill to unlock a key to the yoga room. The door is on the upper left corner. There is an small puzzle to reveal the hidden room in yoga room.


How to solve Yoga Room Puzzle? – Key Location

Defeat The Fitness Coach Ghost

There are total six mats on the floor, follow the image above to roll the yoga matt exact as mentioned to unlock the door. Walk left towards the chest to grab a key that will help you to unlock the door on the right end of Yoga Room which leads to Steam room. There are three golden taps in the steam room, rotate them clock wise to empty the steam and defeat all the ghost inside to unlock the room to the Swimming pool area where you will fight Johnny Deepend the final boss of thirteenth floor.


How to defeat Johnny Deepend in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Walk all the way to the other side where you can see a wheel with blue and small yellow light. As Luigi keep the boss engage and as Gooigi walk through grill to the opposite side to rotate the wheel to yellow. This will drain all the water locking the ghost below, use the balls to hit him and pull his glasses. Stun him and grab the tail for the final slam attack.

That’s it you get the next elevator key but things are not done yet. The next problem is Polterkitty. She will grab the Elevator key for the fourteenth floor and run away. The problem now is to find her on different levels here is an shortcut to save your time.

Return to the front desk, cross the changing room and get in the steam room here one is for stesam room and other for gym. Steam room is in the right corner, check in the laundry bag with Dark Light.

  1. Go to the Gym, and defeat all the ghost’s.
  2. Return to the front desk and look on the top. The cat will hang upside down, flash her once and she will transform into the big cat. To defeat her stand still and she will slowly approach you from behind, once she reveals her claws and pink eyes stun and slam the cat on the floor.
  3. Go to 12F The Spectral Catch, place where you fought Captain Fishook. Use darklight to scan her footprints that will lead you to beach. Suck the sand on the left side to reveal the cat. She will try to escape stun her and once again a small fight beings.
  4. Go to 11F Twisted Suits, this is the final place, the magical room where you fought three sisters Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny. Go to the room with stage, first left from Elevator then door on the left of wheel in bedroom. Enter the door in front that leads to upside down room and take the fright door on the right towards stage area. Check box on the stage with swords in it, use Suction shot to break it and the cat will break out. Fight her again.

This will be the final fight and she will drop the Elevator key to the next floor where you will fight DJ Phantasmagloria. Read our wakthrough how to defeat DJ Boss of twelfth floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3.