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How to Defeat Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny Ghost Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Defeat the Magician Sisters

After defeating Serpci ghost on the 10th floor of Last Resort, you will get elevator button to 11th floor where you have to fight Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny in Twisted Suits. Here the issue is finding two keys to unlock door and finally reaching the room where you will enter into a boss fight. If you are finding it confusing then you can read our Luigi’s Mansion 3 boss fight walkthrough to know more on how to defeat Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny ghost boss.

How to Defeat Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny


Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny are three magicians in Luigi’s Mansion 3, to defeat them you have to dodge their magic tricks. First there are different rooms, after crossing them you can deal with the sisters. There are two keys required to unlock the doors and in this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss fight Walkthrough you can keys locations and how to unlocks all rooms.

After reaching Twisted Suits, pull the curtains on the right wall to peek through wall hole. Next us Dark Light on the Left wall to reveal a hidden door, trap the spirit orbs to unlock the door. The new room is a bed room, access the lobby through the door on the left of huge wheel carved on wall and right in front you will spot another door.

Key Location 1 – 11th Floor


Defeat Nikki, Lindsey, Ginny Ghost

But before defeat the possessed dust bin using Dark Light. Inside the cutscene revel a upside-down room, the bed has a hidden door behind, to move it walk left corner and stun the wall clock. Once the bed moves aside, use Dark Light to reveal a hidden door. The door will unlock the bathroom where fight a possessed chest with Dark Light and grab the key that will unlock the on the right center of the room.

Key Location 2 – 11th Floor


You are now in the performance area with a stage in center, the sisters ghost will appear once again and disappear into the room on the right end that is locked. The key is behind the stage, to access the room walk towards the right of stage and pull the Vending Machine through suction shot. You can check the key through a crack in the wall right in the center of the sage. When you pull down the vending machine it will give you access to the room with a golden key in the cage. Before that if you want to grab some gold the pull the metal sheet on the left of machine, that will unlock some hidden spots with gold bars and gems.

Defeat Nikki, Lindsey, Ginny Ghost

The new door will unlock the bathroom, use dark light to reveal hidden door on the left wall that will take you to the room with key. Use Gooigi to grab the spirit balls. Walk near the cage and press X to interact, you will see the key turns into a rabbit and try to run away. Use Poltergust to suck the rabbit tail and hold it, next as a second player use Dark Light on the rabbit to get the key back.


  1. Grab the key and return back to the room with stage, unlock the door on the right wall. This new room has a floating bed on the top. Look in the mirror for the front door unlock and get in the lobby. Continue forward, there is nothing in the right near statue. Just walk a little forward exactly opposite of the door in lobby and you will enter a room which seems like a place of rituals. Do not forget this room, you will have to return here back for the final boss fight.
  2. Enter the first door on the left and in a cutscene you will all three sisters doing some magic. Here you will once again travel to various room to return back to an room with candles for the final boss fight. Just follow below steps to proceed toward final boss fight.
  3. Exit the bathroom from door on right and defeat ghost in the bedroom. The room will be locked.
  4. After unlocking the bedroom, take the door on the left of wheel carved on the wall. It will take you an lobby with the statue of sisters. Defeat the ghost in the area and take door on the left of big hat.
  5. You will enter a upside-down room, defeat ghost to unlock the room and take the door on the left of bed to fight another boss inside. It will not be that tough.
  6. Take the door on the left corner of the bathroom, to enter the big room with an stage. There will be many different ghost’s here, defeat all and proceed to the door on the left of stage. It will take you to an room with flying bed. Once again continue with defeating small ghosts, access the door in the front, you can see that in the mirror below the bed.

Continue walking in the lobby that turns right and at the end you will reach the final room where you will fight all three sisters.

How to defeat Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny Ghost Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Here is an trick to defeat them, first dodge all the attacks later all three hats will start circling around you, use ZL+ZR to create a explosion and stun them. Grab the rope from one of the hat and pull the ghost out. Slam her on the ground to take down the first sister. In the second wave the process continues, dodge all the attacks until the hats starts circling around you. Create the shockwave and you will get a chance to grab the rope from second hat. In the final wave you will be able to pull down the rope from the third hat and done.

After defeating all the three Ghost Sisters you will unlock Elevator button to access the twelfth floor where you will fight a big monster ship. To know more you can read our boss fight walkthrough how to defeat Captain Fishook Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.