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Defeat Captain Fishook Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Rescue Toad & Poltergust Part Location

Defeat the Shark Boss


After defeating Nikki, Lindsey & Ginny are three magicians on the 11th floor you will find another elevator key to the twelfth floor. This walkthrough has two parts, first unlock Super Suction and free Toad and second fight with the Captain Fishook boss on 12th Floor of the Last Resort hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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Upgrade Poltergust G-00 Super Suction Shot – Part Location

At the twelfth floor the main entrance will be blocked by a huge ship, also you will see a weird socket for the first time. This socket will be used to charge your upgraded Poltergust gadget for activating Super Suction that can pull out huge objects. In-order to get the part to upgrade Poltergust return to the lab where Gadd will tell you about Toad. You have to rescue him first and second locate the Poltergust upgrade part.

How to rescue Toad?

Defeat Captain Fishook

Go to B2 – Boilerworks from the Elevator, if you remember this is the same place where you fought the Mechanic Ghost Boss, continue walkthrough the basement till you reach an area with rotating bridge and vault door. Defeat the ghost’s in your way to unlock doors. Once you are near the rotating bridge, enter the door on left there is a small door that will lead you to the room where Toad was last seen in the recording. First move the lever to the right and then as Gooigi enter the pipe on the left side. Toad is hiding below the box. Use Poltergust and shoot him on the other side, exit the room.

Poltergust Super Suction Part Location –

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Defeat Captain Fishook

After finding Toad, exit and return back to the region with rotating bridge. Stand at the center of the bridge and as Gooigi rotate it to access the right end corner. The part is above a platform, you can easily spot it. Shoot toad towards the part and grab it, now the main door will be locked you have to use the Vault to exit this region. There will be a long waste walk toward the lab. Follow the steps below to save your time.

Return to Lab – Exit B2

Defeat Captain Fishook

On the left there are stairs that leads to an control room, you will have to shoot toad to release the stairs. Climb up and continue walking through the pipe region. Defeat the ghost around to unlock the gates. Toad will help you to find the way, one of the ghost in purple will grab Toad blocking your flash attacks, just press ZL + ZR to release your friend and slam the ghost on the ground. Shoot Toad to break the wall. Your way be blocked by a vault door, to unlock first use flash on the glowing green lock right next to the vault to unlock a doors on ceiling. Shoot toad in the first one to grab the wheel that is needed to unlock the vault door. Use poltergust to place the wheel on the door and open it.

Defeat Captain Fishook

The next puzzle is to move a rotating bridge so that you can exit the room. This new area has red wire disappearing into a wall. Use Toad and shoot on the wall to break it. There are three red wires, once goes to the bridge other on the generator type machine on the right and last one on the left side. Shoot toad to stand above the generator, and as Luigi or Gooigi stand on the left side to activate the bridge controls. Just follow the red wires and stand where it ends on the left and right side. Rotate the fan to move the bridge climb up and you will enter into a room that looks like underground sewer.

Climb up and exit through the left door, in the next area shoot toad to drop the ladder near the fan, enter the elevator and return to Lab. Gadd will add the new part to Poltergust offering you a new upgrade called as Super Suction.

How to defeat Captain Fishook – Ship Boss

Go to the 11th floor and walk near the socket near the left corner. This is an special type of socket that will charge your regular suction to Super Suction. Once charged you will be able to pulled out the complete ship blocking the main entrance of 11th floor. Walk towards the skeleton and enter into the near area where you will see a ship at distant. Pull the rope to ring the bell from left and the cutscene will reveal a massive ship. The boss fight of 11th floor starts from here. Captain Fishook will possess the whole ship and it is tough to beat this one but if you follow the tips below you will be able to defeat Captain Fishook easily in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

  1. Grab the explosive barrels and throw them exactly in the mouth on the deck. Three barrels and first wave of attack is over.
  2. When Captain Fishook appears, wait for his hook attack. He will try to hit you with the hook and stuck in the deck for a while, flash him instantly grab from tail and slam on the floor.
  3. In the second wave the same attack continues if you are unable to beat him down, just grab the barrels and place them right into the mouth, three barrels and he will be out again.
  4. Wait for this hook attack, as he stuck on the deck flash and slam him on the floor to damage his health.
  5. He will then posses the whole ship tilting it like the Titanic, run to the right end and use suction shot to shoot a rubber plunger and hold tight. If you survive the third wave of attack begins.
  6. In the third wave you have to shoot three explosive barrels exactly in the mouth. After three explosives the ship will tilt towards one side, grab with rubber plunger and the same attack continues. Once again aim three explosive barrels one by one in the mouth to pull out the shark ghost.

Once Captain Fishook is out this is the last and final attack. Wait for the hook attack and stun him first. Grab him from tail and slam in the floor. Captain Fishook will drops Elevator key to 13th floor where you will fight Johnny Deepend. Click here to learn guide on how to defeat 13th Floor Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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