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How to Defeat The Mechanic Ghost Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Defeat Clem

After dealing with the Dinosaur Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 the next on is Clem a mechanic ghost hiding in Basement 2. Fighting this boss is tricky because first you have to walk through various levers to control water and then finally enter the main arena. In this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss Fight Walkthrough you can find tips on how to defeat the mechanic ghost and unlock Elevator button 10.

How to Defeat the Mechanic Ghost


At B2 rotate the level first to stop the water. The same on that ghost moves, and then use suction shot to break the cover of pipe right next to the open green pipe. This will reveal another pipe for Gooigi you can travel to the upper right section and grab the key. Unlock the door and you will be in a new section where you have to defeat a few ghost among which one is wearing a bucket. Shoot rubber plunger to on its tail to remove the bucket and slam.

Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

Gooigi will have to travel underground to unlock the door that will give you access to the next room. Look for green pipe on the right end corner, Gooigi can travel down through that but the issue is water. There are three levers on the top, start from right corner and rotate all three one by one so that Gooigi can reach the lock. As Gooigi stun the lock and you can walk to the next room.


Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

In this new room you have to align the bridge, for this play as Gooigi. There is an fan type control at the center front, rotate the bridge towards the door you use to enter. As Luigi stand in center and as Gooigi rotate it towards the yellow metal stairs, as Luigi climb up you will see a cutscene. The cutscene reveals the mechanic ghost has lifted a huge red button blocking a gate and flooding the area. You will also see a huge vault door that will be unlocked until water is drained, remember you have to return back to this position after completing all the below puzzles.

How to clear the Flood in Basement 2?


Unlock Gate 1 –

Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

When you are in the flooded basement, summon Gooigi. He can walk through the grills on the upper wall with green pipes, enter into first pipe on left. Use Gooigi to pull the chain with an suspended chain that will unlock Gate 1 allowing Luigi to proceed further. As Luigi hope on the rubber duck and use Poltergust to direct suction to float towards the gate.


Unlock Gate 2 –

Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

Cross Gate 1 and now it’s time to unlock Gate 2. Float to the right end and rotate the wheel to stop water, so that Gooigi can pass on the upper corner of wall. There is another chain with suspended yellow ball, pull it t to unlock Gate 2.

Unlock Gate 3 –

The third gate has iron spikes on it, if you go near your rubber duck will explode and you will fall into water. You have to maintain a good distance from the pointed spikes. As Gooigi use the upper left pipe to reach on the other side and pull the chain to open the gate.

Unlock Gate 4 –

Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

You will be in new basement area, there are two things you have to do three things, first grab the chain to reveal a opening for Gooigi on the upper side. He can pass through the pipe avoiding water, second pull the fishing hook to open up path and safely as Gooigi walk below the pipes avoiding contact with water. Before Gooigi pulls the chain to open the door, stay way because a bunch of sharks are going to attack. Your rubber duck will explode and Luigi will fall in water losing a lot of health. Stay way so that you can lure the sharks and float near the door, Gooigi will open it and you can pass blocking the chasing shark behind the door. The shark fins are slow, you can float fast and cross the gate first.

Clear Flooded Water –

You will be in the final chamber after saving yourself from shark fins, here you just to pick the right pipe so that Gooigi can travel up and pull the red button down. To do this first walk into the water to deal with few ghost. Next there are two levers in the center of the green pipes, there is a small puzzle to reach on top.

Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

Gooigi can enter only from one pipe opening on the left, as Luigi first rotate the second wheel towards left. This will allow Gooigi to slip through the pipe and land on a platform with another lever.

Defeat Mechanic Ghost - Clem

As Gooigi now move that wheel to right and return back to your last position. As Luigi rotate the wheel to left and then as Gooigi once again travel through the pipe, it will lead you to the top part where you can use Suction shot to pull the red button down.

That’s it you can now open the water gate and clear the water, you have to return all the way back to the main vault, just follow the gates and you will reach the vault soon.

How to defeat the Mechanic Boss? – Clem Boss Fight

The real boss fight begins know, this boss will float in water and it can be pretty annoying to defeat him. Here is a trick to defeat the mechanic boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. The ghost will throw mines on you, dodge it, if you try stun him he will block it with his hand fan. The pattern of mechanic ghost boss is first he will throw mines, second he will try to hit you with the fan where he will stuck in a out of control spin. Grab his rubber ducks face with Poltergust and shoot it near the spikes around the pool. He will fall on the upper ground where as Gooigi you can grab him and slam on the floor. With over 350 health capturing this boss is tough.

So remember let the boss attack you with fan so that he can stuck in out of control spin, which will make him defenseless, float fast and use your Poltergust to grab the rubber duck’s face. Shoot him on spikes and let Gooigi do the rest of job. Try to shoot him near Gooigi so that you can grab him fast and slam it hard on the floor. Repeat this steps at-least three time to finally beat him. The elevator button will fall below the water, push the big red button down to collect it.

The boss will drop Elevator key to the 10th floor where you will fight a new boss Serpci, she seems to be inspired lot from Egyptian mythology. To know more you can read our guide how to defeat Serpci Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 Walkthrough.