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How to Defeat Serpci Ghost Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Pyramid Puzzle Solution

Defeat the Medusa

Once you are done with capturing the Mechanic Ghost in Basement 2, you will get elevator button to unlock 10th floor where you will fight a boss inside Pyramid inspired from Egyptian culture. Before going to the floor grab a golden bone. There are different rooms in the pyramid with traps, you have to unlock them one by one and proceed to the main area to fight with the boss.

How to Defeat the Egyptian Ghost Boss – Serpci


10th floor in the Last Resort is a mysterious placed based on a Egyptian theme with a locked pyramid in the center. To unlock the pyramid door interact with the statue on left, as Luigi push its hand down and the main door will be unlocked. Before interacting with the coffin collect all the gold around, and go near it. A cutscene will reveal the ghost boss and Luigi will be thrown into a Sand Pit.

How to get of Sand Pit Trap?

Suck all the sand’s around till you see a statue on the left similar to the one you saw at the entrance of the pyramid. Drag his hand a window opens on the right. Use the falling stand as an platform to climb into the new entrance, just push it towards the new opening. Go slow and watch for spider and snakes. Before you move ahead use Gooigi to pull a rope to block the poisonous arrows. As Gooigi pulls the rope a wall appears that will block the attack. Take the stairs on left and walk into the coffin as Luigi you will be thrown to new room inside the Pyramid.


How to reach the door?

There is an door on the upper left side of this new room with an well that has a stream of falling stand. To reach the door you have to access the door on the extreme left, but when you try to open it a mummified ghost will appear. Beating it is easy, deal with the mummy and walk left for a puzzle where you have to place the right amount of weight to set the clock hand on crocodile symbol. Here is what you have to do.

Crocodile Symbol:


Do not touch any weights around, push some sand in the center area and stand in with Luigi and Gooigi which is enough to stop the clock hand on Crocodile symbol. Use Poltergust to stun the lock and this will be a trap.

Deer Symbol:

Just some ands and Luigi is enough to bring the clock hand on the Deer icon. You can also try only with Luigi but if in case it does not work then just push some sands on it.


Elephant Symbol:

When the clock hits the right symbol the ceiling will stop, now you need to stop the clock hand on Elephant. For this just put all the four weights into the center area without any sand, suck it if there is and you will hit the Elephant. That’s it the trap puzzle is solved and now you can return back to the main hall with huge well. You will see a snake appears in between the falling sand, but before you go deal with some ghost and watch for rolling stone boo. Open the door in the center of the room for the next puzzle.

The Painting Puzzle:

To unlock the First Door, suck down the sand on the lower left side of painting to grab a green globe and shoot it on the center of the painting on the green area. The lock to unlock this door is hidden in the sand.

Defeat Serpci Ghost

The second room is again a trap the trick to solve this puzzle is to find the shapes in the sand and shoot them on the respective holes in the wall, like squares, triangles, circle, etc. Just suck down the sand you will find all the glowing shapes and just shoot them one by one on the wall. One of the shape is in the chest. You have to do this fast or else Luigi will lose health due to the poisonous air. Another statue appears, pull the hand to proceed further.

Return back to the main room and deal with few ghost and rolling boo. You have to defeat them to unlock the door on the right. This door has another piece of puzzle, but the issue is snakes. As Gooigi try to push all the sand near the statue on the right corner and pull its hand. A new trap puzzle begins here, you have to stop the lasers before it burn down the chains. Just push some sands on the platform and press ZL+ZR to create a shockwave and stop the mechanism.

Next suck out the sand to find a ghost who is hiding near the door, you have to capture it to get the statue back. Drag his hand and done, now the sand falling from the center of pyramid will filled in the main room allowing you to travel all the way to the upper left corner of the room. You will need to fight down the ghost till the door on the upper left is accessible.

Boss Fight – How to defeat Serpci

Start running on the stairs or else the walls will crush you. After reaching a wall covered in web, break the pots to get an lamp, grab some fire and burn it. Luigi will finally manage to return back to the main room where he found the spirit for the first time. The room with coffin. Follow the ghost outside, and the real fight begins.

First she will transform into a huge head of medusa, who can hide in the sand and pop-out from any corner. To stop her suck down all the sand till she reveals herself. Next she will surround herself by sand snakes, you have to dodge this attacks and once done stun her and grab with Poltergust. But she will escape, and return back the face of Medusa with snakes on her head. Dodge the snake attacks and keep sucking the sand. In a second try you might be able to grab her and slam on the floor. This ghost boss comes with 300 Health Points.

Continue this process and you will be able to grab the ghost within two to three times, continue with the process. Serpci is not tough to beat boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3, he will transform into a punch and sometime a sand ball attacking you from all corners. Wait for the medusa face to appear, suck out the sand and then slam her.

Defeating Serpci in Luigi’s Mansion 3 will drop elevator key that unlocks the 11th floor where you will fight three sisters. To know more you can read our walkthrough how to defeat Nikki, Lindsey and Ginny Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.