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How to Defeat Dinosaur Skeleton Ghost Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Defeat UG Boss

After finding and fighting Polterkitty who finally drops Elevator key to the ninth floor that leads to Unnatural History Museum be ready to fight with the next boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. On 9F of the Last Resort hotel you will find UG – a possessed Dinosaur Skeleton Ghost. Just pull the ropes of curtain and the right will begin. Here you will get a elevator button as well you will free a friend.

How to Defeat the Dinosaur


Defeating the Dinosaur is simple, you just need to do the following. First grab the Egg on the floor and shoot in his chest, as soon as you grab the egg you will see a blue target to hit. Place Gooigi at front first, the Dinosaur will try to chew him, shoot the egg to break his strength. Repeat it one more time and the Dinosaur will break free, he will now chase you and will not bite Gooigi. Here the process is same grab one of the bones on the floor and shoot on his chest.

Maintain a good distance from his attacks, shoot when the Dinosaur raises his head up. This is your chance, the boss will use different attacks like stomping, etc. So stay at a safe distance, shoot three times to pull out the ghost from the skeleton.

How to defeat UG?


Defeat Dinosaur Boss

A primitive ghost will pop out from the Dinosaur skeleton, he has a huge bone in his hand which he will use to block your stun attack. Here is an trick to defeat this boss, wait till he slams his bone on the ground to release a shockwave. Press ZL+ZR to jump in air to avoid the shockwave impact and stun right after you land on the ground. You will see his bone is stuck in the ground for few seconds, this is the exact time you can stun him and slam him hard. With over 400 health you will need around two attacks to capture the ghost.

He will puke the painting out, just use Dark Light to free second Toad who will give you Elevator key to Basement 2 where you will fight Clem. Here you will have to unlock four doors and clear up the water from the basement, to know more you can read our guide how to defeat Mechanic Ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3.