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Where To Find Polterkitty in 8F In Luigi’s Mansion 3

The Annoying Cat

After helping Morty – the Director Ghost on eight floor of Last Resort hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3, he will give you Level 9 button that will be grabbed by Polterkitty and the cat will run away. Here the most annoying thing about this level is there is not a boss fight, but finding the cat is pain. So to save your time I will give you exact locations where you have to search the cat to get the key back and complete this level to proceed further Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Where to find the Cat – Polterkitty


Polterkitty will grab the elevator button and disappear into the wall. One of the best way to track her footprints is using Dark Light.

First Location – Studio – 3

Polterkitty is in Studio Number 3, a city setup where you burned the lab. Go inside and defeat a few ghost and check below the bench, just stun her. She will transform into a big cat, and will jump over the building roof.


Polterkitty Location

Here is an trick to lure her, as Luigi just stand straight and be ready with Gooigi to stun her with Strobulb. The cat will slowly approach Luigi from behind, wait until Polterkitty exposes her eye or else she will run away. So wait there till she is almost ready to attack, her eyes will glow pink and she will raise her claws. That’s the exact time to stun her, you can then grab her from tail and slam on the ground. If you are late in doing this then you will lose health, and if you are early then the cat will run away. So be ready with Gooigi, stun and slam her.

After Polterkitty’s health goes to zero she will run away, next she is in the main studio area with four TV. Look on the ceiling, she is running around use the lift on the left corner to go up and stun her once again. The next thing Polterkitty does is disappear into the ground, there is where your hunt begins. Scan the floor with Dark Light to see the cat’s footprints.


Note: Before you proceed it is time to save the game, from the main studio go right, there is a door where you will see Morty processing the movie. Just stay there for few seconds to save the game progress.

How to defeat the Dustbin Ghost?

Exit the studio from the main door and there you will have to fight a crazy possessed dustbin. The trick to defeat this ghost is by emptying his trash, use suction shot to grab the center front area of dustbin and slam it on the ground. Project Dark Light on the dustbin and capture the pink spirit orbs.


Second Location – 7F – Garden Suits

Search in Bathroom filled with Flower Petals: Go to the elevator and head to the Garden Suit where you fought Dr. Potter Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. This is where you have to use Dark Light to locate the traces of Polterkitty. Go to upper level that will lead you to the first room filled with leaves. Suck the leaves to reveal a hidden white door which leads to a bathroom filled with flower petals. Use Dark Light to trace the cat hiding in the petal, suck them all and she will appear.

Search in Bathroom filled with Water Melons: Polterkitty will disappear one more time, go further up to second room and enter in the bathroom with huge watermelons. There is an ghost blocking the with two tongues, stun him first and then both Luigi and Gooigi will have to grab the tongues to slam him. Polterkitty is hiding in the bath tub behind one of the water melon. Grab the big one on left and slam it over the bath tub, you will need both Luigi’s and Gooigi’s help here. Blow air to rotate the water tap and the cat will pop out.

Polterkitty will be back in her true form, as Luigi stand straight till she approaches and wait until the cat reveals her glowing pink eyes and claws. Be ready to stun her and then slam on the ground. That’s it, Polterkitty will puke the Elevator button for ninth floor and run away. To return to the Elevator go all the way to the top of plant and slide through the front leaf.

On the ninth floor you will fight with UG Ghost, a possessed Dinosaur Skeleton. There are two bosses at this level and to know more you can read our walkthrough how to defeat UG boss or Dinosaur Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.