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How to Defeat Gardener Ghost In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Dr. Potter

Defeat Dr. Potter

After defeating the King Ghost on 6F, you will get Elevator key 7F where you will fight with a mad gardener ghost – Dr. Potter. Set in a garden, there are crazy plants here. The entire floor is filled with plantations, as some gardener is obsessed with plants. The Elevator key is placed right in front on a fountain and it looks extremely simple to grab it, but not. In this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss fight walkthrough you can learn how to defeat Dr. Potter the mad Gardener ghost who will drop Elevator Key 8F.

How to defeat the Gardener Ghost Boss – Dr. Potter


This level is bit different compared to other one, because here you will be playing something like Temple Run. Where you have to run and escape and fight the Gardener Ghost in the last. So to keep things crisp and clear here are list of things you have to do to reach the final boss of 7th Floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

In the first cutscene Luigi picks up the Elevator Key of 8th floor from the Fountain, next the ghost appear and transforms a small plant into a massive tree. Your objective is to reach the top to grab the Elevator key once again.

1. Walk on Blue branch, Swing and Destroy the plant


Take the stairs behind the tree and go on the upper first level. Walk over the blue branch, swing to the other side. Use the Poltergust to suck in the root of big leaves and break it to clear your path towards Level 2.

2. Destroy the plant with huge leaves, defeat some ghosts and walk through the bathroom

Open the Door after breaking the plants with huge leaves, which is your only way ahead, and take the first door white door on left. It is hidden behind the leaves, use Poltergust to suck the leaves. Before you open the door a few ghost will appear, defeat them and enter. The new room is filled with petals it is an bathroom. Walk left from the broken wall to come out.


3. Destroy the plant with huge leaves, defeat some ghosts and walk through the bathroom

Before you proceed further on upper Level 3 the Gardener ghost will appear once again turning regular pineapple into a weapon, the plant will throw huge pineapples in your path. You cannot do anything, just avoid them and till you reach the base of the plant, grab the root with Poltergust and break it. Your path to next level is blocked by roots with red thorns, enter the room with broken wall on the right corner look for commode. The root is locked inside it, you have to break it by slamming a heavy object on it. There is a square pot near the wash basin, use suction shot, grab it and slam it on the commode. Grab the root to break it.

4. Defeat Purple Ghost and Red Square shape Ghost 


Before you exit to go to next levels fight down a invisible purple ghost, just stun him and grab the tails, Luigi and Gooigi if both slams together you will win fast. There is an second ghost that looks like a red square, one you had faced at the Elevator while fight Kruller Ghost Boss on third floor,a way to defeat this boss is by flashing him first and one has to stay behind to grab his tail. Slam him few times and you are good to go.

5. Dodge bouncing Pineapples, use Cutting Tool and destroy a big Watermelon

Exit the room, so that you can proceed to further level dodge the bouncing pineapples, and destroy the plant. Enter the next room and grab the cutting tool from the floor using Poltergust suction. Cut the roots in front of the door to unlock it. Use the same cutting tool to save yourself, just cut the branches. In the bathroom you will see huge watermelons is blocking the way, Luigi and Gooigi will both have use Suction shot to place a rubber plungers and then drag it to slam it on the ground. This is how you can clear the watermelon from your way.

6. Covered Curved Leafy branch to Bridges and stun the Crows.

After breaking the watermelon few ghost will join the party, just a few more levels to go. Look for a curved leafy branch on the left, push through Poltergust to reach on the blue branch. Continue it with second one, swing through branch to the other side. You are almost at the final level, deal with some crows, just flash them. There is an small hole in the wall with purple light coming out, to break take the stairs on the right for a cutscene. The ghost will appear one more time and summon some huge roots throwing you all the way down in the rooms with mushrooms.

7. ZL+ZR to jump on Mushroom, Drag it near the Blue branches.

One mushroom is on a cart, drag it below the blue branch and walk around to stand over it. Press ZL + ZR to jump and you will land on top. There is another mushroom use the same to go on the upper level. In this new room go right end and pull the huge blue flower petal with Poltergust to reveal a door. This will take you to the final level of this floor.

8. The Final Level

Pull in the green curved branch to make bridge, swing on the root twice, use curved bridge to go on top and use the root once again to reach the center of huge plant. The mouth is locked, as Gooigi place a rubber plunger on the left and as Luigi place on right using Suction shot. Drag to open it, the elevator key will fall down. Do not jump, walk towards the front center side of plant there is an leave just walk over it and Luigi will slide down.

That’s it you are on the floor and its time to face the Gardener Ghost Boss Dr Potter in Luigi’s Mansion 3. The real boss fight begins now.

How to defeat the Gardener Ghost Boss Dr. Potter

Grab the cutting tool first, you can use Gooigi to lure the plant towards big fruits on the floor. Once the pitcher plant bites the fruit it will stuck there, use the cutting tool to cut down the branches as soon as possible. Just stand behind one of the big fruit, the plant will try to bite it and get stuck on it.

Cut down the branch, and you will have a chance to slam the boss, grab him from tail and slam hard. This boss comes with 300 Health points, you have to cut down the pitcher plant from the pot around three times. There is an issue with the fruits, they turn small in between. So you will need to lure the plant towards the fruit and this will cause a lot of health damage. If the plant grabs you press ZL+ZR to break free. You cannot stun the ghost until he has the plant, so first cut it down. The easiest way to defeat the Gardener Ghost boss is standing behind the fruit, he will approach you and attack.

Cut down the plant and slam him. Finally after beating him down, grab the water pot and water the new plant, it will act as stairs to collect Elevator Key 8 where you will help a sad Director in getting his Megaphone back. To know more read our walkthrough how to retrieve Morty’s Megaphone, there is a puzzle in this.