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How to Defeat The King Ghost In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Boss Fight Tips

Defeat King Mcfrights

After defeating Amadeus Wolfgiest the Piano Monster on 4F, you will get Elevator key 6F where you will fight with King Mcfrights, a maniac ruler. The sixth floor is setup in a Medieval Era where you will see knights and old traps. There are in total six rooms in the castle area, with various traps. You have to solve some puzzles to pass them, find keys and progress ahead to the final arena where you will fight the King Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to defeat the King Ghost Boss – King Mcfrights


To unlock the big door that will give you access to the castle use Gooigi to pass through the grill and use Suction shot to pull the hanging rope on the left side with an suspended iron ball. Next you will reach on one of upper wall of castle, but to get down into the main arena to fight the King Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will need to follow the below steps. Stand on the S sign, a circular region and you will see a cutscene of the king taunting you with Elevator Key – 7.

First Key Location –

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss


After the cutscene a door on the left will be unlocked. Kill a few ghost and proceed to another door on the left that will lead you to a room with Swords traps. Use Gooigi to first to pass through the Swords and pull the rope to lock them in the ground. Or else Luigi will lose health. There is an door right next to the swords as you take stairs down, break the barrels using suction shot, the middle to get the first key. Defeat all the ghost in the room to unlock the door of Second Room on the left with the key.

Castle Room Trap Puzzle Solution – 2nd Room (Swords Trap)

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss


The next room is full of traps, there are two one is swords on the floor, there is no way to pass it and second iron balls suspended from the rope that will appear when Gooigi pulls the rope at the corner of room near the lamp. This is what you have to do, stand Luigi on the Wooden Platform on the floor. As Gooigi pass through the swords and pull the rope from the corner. Three more ropes will fall down, pull the first in left corner to unlock a underground path. Flash the green glowing lock and there will be fire in dragons mouth. Collect the broken lamp on the right, and light it with the fire. Next burn the web to pass to the other side and pull another rope to drop stairs. Climb up and you will be in third room.

Castle Room Trap Puzzle Solution – 3rd Room (Lift & Cages)

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss


The next room has three cages in the bottom floor with an lift. It is another puzzle which is tricky but extremely simple to solve. All you need is go down and use the Dark Light to reveal a hidden door on the right wall. Rotate the windmill on right call the lift up, use Gooigi for this. As Luigi go in the lift and rotate the windmill anti-clockwise to go down. There is a second fan below repeat the steps to call your friend down. Now walk to the right corner and use Dark Light on the wall to reveal the hidden door.

Key Location 2-

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss

Walk inside you will have to find a key and return back to the room with cages, there is an door to the left which will give you access to the 4th Room. After entering to this new room you will see three shapes with crossbow in their hand. Send Gooigi to the other side use the suction to drop the rope suspended iron ball down and pull it. Do the same from the left as Luigi which will drop an wooden platform locking the trap. Walk to the end chest, collect the key and return back to the room with lift and cages.

Castle Room Trap Puzzle Solution – 4th Room (Prison)

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss

The key is on the other side of the prison door, it is clearly visible. But Gooigi cannot collect it because it is right over water. Here is an simplest way to get the key, as Gooigi pull chain on the left corner of prison door and as Luigi walk inside and take the key. A ghost will trick you here, dropping water on Gooigi he will trap Luigi in the prison. Call Gooigi once again and fight the two ghost with 100 Health points. Pull the chain on left to free Luigi.

Castle Room Trap Puzzle Solution – 5th Room (Kings Mask)

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss

Use the key to unlock the door on the left end of Prison room and you are now into a big room with a huge stone carved kings face. All you will need to do is rotate the wooden bridge so that Luigi can pass. Now as Luigi pull the chain on the right end near the lamp to unlock a door with fan behind it. As Gooigi walk towards the fan to rotate them in same clock wise direction to align the bridge. Just push air at the center so that both fans can rotate in same clock wise direction and the bridges will align. Watchout for the swinging axes and cross the bridge.

Castle Room Trap Puzzle Solution – 6th Room (Cross bow & Tomato Cart)

Tips to Defeat King Ghost Boss

The next room has six crossbow guards and a tomato cart on the right end. There is second one on the left end which will be revealed by Dark Light. Push the ropes to load tomatoes it and use Gooigi to pull them using the suction in front of guards to block the cross bow attack. You have to two this two times, first of the cart on left and second for the cart on right.

Luigi can pass and finally enter into the arena where he will fight the King Ghost Boss – King Mcfrights.

How to defeat King Mcfrights Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3

Before you enter the area grab a Gold Bone you will need it, killing the King Ghost Boss is tricky. With health of 200 it is an easy to kill without armor. Without breaking the armor you cannot damage even single health, and it will take around three Slam attacks to break the armor. So here is what you have to do to kill the king boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

  1. First keep Gooigi in front so that the king can attack him, he will ride towards his target and try to pierce him with his weapon, only during this time he will move away his shield revealing his face and body.
  2. As Luigi, stand behind Gooigi at a safe distance and be ready to stun him. As you flash he will pause, use Suction Shot to shoot a rubber plunger on this chest and then perform Slam attack. Repeat this two to three times to break his armor.
  3. At the end the king himself will be out, but he will still has a Shield and sword in his hand. He will block your stun attacks with his shield. To capture him, wait for a while, he will spin and try to attack you, you will need a perfect timing to stun him. Sometime the king will stop for a while after spinning this is also your time to attack him.

You have to wait until he spins and give you a chance to expose his eyes for the stun attack. Grab his tail and give a slam attack, two to three times and done you have defeated the King Ghost boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

He will drop Elevator Key 7 where you will fight Dr. Potter, a gardener ghost. Read our guide how to defeat Gardener Boss Dr. Potter in Luigi’s Mansion 3.