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How to defeat the Piano Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Tips to Defeat Amadeus Wolfgiest

Defeat Amadeus Wolfgiest

After taking down the Cook ghost on 2F who drops elevator key 4F where you will face on of the toughest boss – Amadeus Wolfgeist. If you think that you had deal with some of the toughest boss till yet like the Maid, The Security Guard, The Cook – Chef Soulffle then you are wrong. The Piano Monsters in Luigi’s Mansion 3 will test all your skills. He is one of the toughest boss you will face on 4th Floor of The Last Resort Hotel in Luigi’s Mansion 3. When you hit the 4F key in the elevator be prepare to take down a strong boss “Amadeus Wolfgiest”, but it is best if you can grab a Golden Bone. You can buy it from the Lab through Shopping Network. In-case you loose your health and die you can call your pup buddy to get back into the fight from last check point. In this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss fight Guide I will share some tips on how to defeat the musician ghost. He will transform into a piano monster with over multiple waves of attack where you cannot do anything.

After defeating the ghost there is an surprise, you can free one of your friend who can captured by King Boo during the start.


How to defeat the Piano (Musician) Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Amadeus Wolfgiest Boss

Amadeus Wolfgiest ghost is waiting for you in the large hall after you come out of the elevator. Go left and there will be a big door hard to miss. Inside he will be first using some of his magic tricks and minions to defeat you, but if he looses he will jump into the fight. Remember play defensive here, dodge his attacks there are few chances in between to attack him. This is where our tricks to defeat the pianos (Amadeus Wolfgiest) boss ghost will help you.

First Wave of Attack – Chair Attack


The Musician ghost will use some magic to pull the chairs in the air and throw it on you. Just dodge these attack, do nothing run around and stay way from the range of falling chairs. You will waste your health for nothing.  Keep running around the hall and stay way from falling chairs.

Second Wave of Attack – Dancing Minions with Mask

The Musician ghost will summon some five 100 Health Point Dancing ghost, they will swirl in speed to attack. Strategy is simple here, pull their mask out and then stun them first. Next hold A to slam them on the floor. If you are playing in co-op then a friend can help you.


Third Wave of Attack – Amadeus Wolfgiest Ghost Boss

Annoyed with the defeat in the third wave he will loose him temper and transform into a piano monster. Once again do not attack, play defensive. Dodge his attack until he gets back on the stage and shoots some explosive balls. The only thing hard to miss is his shockwave attack when he jumps up and crashes on the ground.

Luigis Mansion 3 Cook Boss Tips


Carefully grab one of the ball which is still black and shoot it towards the open area of piano. The upper cover will close and it will explode inside damage the Piano ghost’s health. You have e to be quick in this, if you take too long the ball will explode damaging your health. The Piano ghost will land on one side, walk near the stage use Suction shot to shoot a rubber plunger on the lower end. Grab it with the Poltergust and slam him on the floor. This is the first hardest hit you can perform and you have to repeat exactly the same thing to destroy the Piano Ghost Boss.

Once you slam him on the floor the ghost will be pulled out, stun him and slam him back again on the floor. This boss has over 450 Health Points. So it is going to take time to capture him and around three slam attacks are required to destroy the Piano version of this Musician Ghost Boss.

He will drop Elevator Key 6 where you will fight a King Ghost Boss and you can also free your friend Toad. To more read our guide how to defeat King Mcfrights Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.