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How to Defeat The Chef Ghost In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Chef Soulffle

Defeat Chef Soulffle

After defeating the security guard boss Kruller on 3F in Luigi’s  Mansion 3, you will get Elevator Key 2F. That will take you on second floor where you will fight with an Ghost of Cook. In Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will face Chef Boss – Chef Soulffle who will drop a Elevator Key 4, but grabbing that key is not simple. Even after defeating the cook ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 there will be tiny mouse who are going to give you hard time. In this Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss Fight guide you can get exact tips on how to defeat the Chest Ghost as well as to retrieve the Elevator key to unlock the fourth floor of Last Resort.

How to defeat the Chef Ghost Boss – Chef Soulffle


After taking down the Guard Ghost Boss who drops Elevator Button 2, on the second floor you will face a angry chef ghost. He has Elevator button 4, but defeating him and taking the key is not that simple. Go to 2F and break the board with hand symbol using a suction shot. You will meet your old puppy friend once again. He will grab a piece of bread and jump into a kitchen area. Inside there are few ghost feasting, unfortunately it is not simple to sneak pass them.

Tips to Defeat Chef Ghost Boss

This will trigger a fight where you will have to take down this small minions ghost first. The process is simple stun them and then hold A to slam them on the ground. All of them are 100 Health point ghost, will not be that difficult to defeat. Enter the door on the right and there you will find the angry chef trying to cook fish. Here is a trick to defeat the chef ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3. First clear the black smoke to reveal the Boss.


The boss uses a pretty strong attack that you have to avoid at all cost. He will spin around in full speed and try to hit with his pan. Avoid it or else you will stun for a while. The trick to defeat the Chef Boss is by grabbing the pan with Suction Shot, then press A to throw it away. Use a rubber plunger to pull his pan away from his hand. Stun him with a flash and then use Poltergust to suck him in. With over 350 Health Points the boss is a tough one to take down.

So the trick to defeat the angry cook ghost is by using rubber plunger and shoot it on the pan. Grab it and then stun him. Vacuum his tail and slam him on the ground multiple times. He will disappear after the first wave of attack, if you two players are playing together then one of you must be ready to hit his head with an water-melon. This will also make the boss drop his pan.

A two to three try is minimum required kill the chef boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. All you need is grab is pan with suction shot, stun him and slam him on the ground. After capturing the chef ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 he will drop Elevator Key 4.


How to get Elevator Key from the mouse?

One of the mouse will swallow the key and escape, go outside grab a piece of cheese and place it just outside the mouse hole in the wall. The rodent will be lured to come outside and as soon as he starts eating the cheese use Poltergust flash to destroy it. Once again the elevator key will drop on the floor.

Tips to Defeat Chef Ghost Boss


A second mouse will jump in swallowing the key one more time. Exit the kitchen, and you will see the mouse ran into another hole in the lobby. This will take you a room with a Pool Table and in a cutscene you will see the mouse disappearing behind wooden cabinets.

Tips to Defeat Chef Ghost Boss

First defeat the two golden ghost on the pool table with 100 Health points each. It will be easy, and next use suction shot to break all the three wooden cabinets. Shoot a rubber plunger on them and drag it to slam it on the ground. This will reveal the mouse, but this tiny creature will escape one more time.

Exit the room, take the first right, and walk till the end near the window. There will be a door on your left which is unlocked. The one with Luigi’s poster is locked. It is an toilet with three doors, avoid the doors. Use Gooigi to travel to the room on left through a hole in the wall.

Tips to Defeat Chef Ghost Boss

Once again you will be in a room with three doors, it’s another toilet. Use suction shot to break the center door, and you will see the mouse. Capture the one with the Elevator key and this level is over.

He will drop Elevator key 4F where you will fight Amadeus Wolfgeist, a mad musician and a crazy piano ghost. To know more read our guide how to defeat the Piano Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

You will unlock fourth floor of the Last Resort hotel and Luigi’s story continues ahead where he will have to free his friends by fighting stronger ghost. But before meet Gadd.

Unlock the Luigi’s Mansion 3 In-game Store

Tips to Defeat Chef Ghost Boss

Here you will unlock the in-game store from where you can buy new items. Gadd called it Shopping Network. You can buy Gold Bone, Boo Finder and Gem Finder from the store.

  • Gold Bone – Call Poleterpup to revive Luigi if his health is 0, he will take the one after restoring your health. Cost – 1000 G.
  • Boo Finder – Cartridge that projects Boo location on the map. Cost – 1000G.
  • Gem Finder – Cartridge that projects Gems location on the map. Cost – 1000G.

Gadd will also add a new feature to Poltergust where the Goo in the tank vibrates if there is any Boo nearby. The more near you are the higher vibration will be, an easy way to track down Boo in the area.