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Luigi’s Mansion 3 3F Lobby Walkthrough – Kruller Guard Ghost Boss Fight & 6 Key Locations

3F Lobby Walkthrough

After defeating the Maid Boss Chambrea on 5F you will get Elevator key 3F where you will face some tough bosses. 3rd Floor of the Last Resort in Lulgi’s Mansion 3 is quiet challenges with over 6 keys to find and dealing with two big bosses and ton of tiny ghost. But this level is also highly rewarding you are going to earn a ton of gold here and here is a step by step guide to beat all the bosses on 3F along with finding all the 6 keys and unlocking golds. Below you can find all the keys location, how to unlock the locked door and puzzle solution at 3F in the Last Resort. There are two bosses at this level with many small ghost, the final one is a Guard Ghost which is huge and he has a Elevator Key – 2.

How to beat all Bosses on 3F and Every Keys Location


Key to access the third floor is dropped by the Maid ghost who has Gadd’s Briefcase. After defeating here go the lift and press the 3F Elevator key. This floor is very challenging with over two bosses waiting for you along with tiny ghosts always blocking your path. Here you will have to use Gooigi and Luigi side by side, and find different keys to unlock the key of room where you will fight the main Guard Boss who has another Elevator Key. So let’s begin.

3F Entrance Door Key Location:

After coming out of the lift the door that will allow you to enter the third floor lobby is locked, walk left toward the men toilet. Break the door of last toilet using rubber plunger and grab the key. Use it to unlock the door of main lobby that will show you the original boss who looks like a Guard. He is the final boss of this level and capturing him will reward you a Elevator key 02 that means access to a new floor.


To unlock the third floor door wall extreme right towards men toilet and break the door using Suction shot. Shoot the rubber plunger and suck it out. Grab key and walk towards the main entrance on the left of elevator.

Defeat 3F Boss

The Guard ghost boss with Elevator key is on the top floor to the right next to the room with a purple Gift box icon. As he drops the key with a diamond shape, it will not work to unlock the door. You have to find five more keys. Below are all the locations of every key located in different rooms along with how to unlock them one by one.


3F All 5 Keys Locations – 3F Puzzle Solution

There are four different chambers on the third floor, each has a unique key and to identify which keys work for which room just look for the shape right near the door. You will have to find the final key will be required to unlock the final room where you will fight the main Guard Ghost Boss who has the Elevator Key. You will see this in a cutscene, and you will also see he drops a key in the end in front of a vending machine. The only view inside the room is a window on the left, but you can only peek inside. Grab the key with Diamond shape.

Defeat 3F Boss


  • Collect Diamond Shape Key

1) Room with Diamond Icon: Unlock with Diamond Shape Key:

The first room on the top floor towards the extreme left. The first key dropped by boss will help you to unlock a second key hidden in the cash machine. Press the right stick to call Gooigi, and pass through the grills. Walk towards the cash machine on the left to unlock it. The machine will drop a heart shape that will be stolen by an ghost. You have to play as Gooigi here, defeat the ghost with 100 health points. Defeat him to get the key back.

Defeat 3F Boss

  • Collect Heart Shape Key

2). Room with Pink Frock Icon: Ground Floor: Unlock with Heart Shape Key

Take the elevator down and carry the key to the room on the right with an pink frock icon on it. The vending machine is located on the left corner. Use Gooigi to enter and unlock the cash machine. Eventually the key will disappear, walk left and look for a glowing green lock, use the flash to unlock the main front of the Wardrobe.

Defeat 3F Boss

Jackpot, there will be tons of coins in it, this is where you get rich. Also there will be some tiny ghost defeat them all and grab the key with Spade icon.

  • Collect Spade Shape Key

3). Room with Gift Box Icon: Upper Floor: Unlock with Spade Shape Key

Go up using the escalator, the first room on the right is an room with purple gift box. The cash machine is in the center, but as soon as you go near it will disappear, use Dark Light to bring it back and capture the spirit balls. But your job is not done yet, a ghost will appear with glasses on which stun does not work. To defeat this ghost first suck the glasses and then stun him and repeat the process of holding A to slam it on the ground. In the same room go to the left end and you will be in a small kitchen. Use suction shot to open the refrigerator. For the first time you will encounter a golden ghost, it will not attack you. It comes with 250 Health points, defeating the golden ghost will drop a ton of gold. So do not miss this one.

Defeat 3F Boss

  • Collect Clubs Shape Key

4). Room with Scissor Icon : Ground Floor: Unlock with Clubs Shape Key

There is a barber shop on the ground floor at the left corner after grabbing the Clubs Shape key go down, there is an small puzzle here, on the left and right of the scissors there are two leafs. Call Gooigi and start sucking up the shape, it will start rotating. Switch to Luigi and repeat the same to unlock opening for Gooigi.

In the barber shop target the chairs with Poltergust, when you start sucking two golden ghost will appear. Grab them for some sweat gold with 230 health each. Use Dark Light to bring the cash machine in front and capture the spirit balls also. You will get the final key to the bosses room. But wait there is more.

Defeat 3F Boss

  • Collect the Main Boss room Key

How to defeat the Escalator Boss

Before you face the final boss there is one more challenge, as you take the Escalator a new boss will appear from the Escalator. With 200 health points defeating this boss is tricky, you will need Gooigi’s help here. Stunning the boss will damage his health but in low quantity. Stun the boss, grab his tail, press A instantly so that Luigi and Gooigi both can grab him from behind and slam him on the ground. This will quickly consume his health.

Defeat 3F Boss

So you have to do this simultaneously one has to stun the boss and then run back both have to grab him and slam the boss on the ground. Keep stunning him to from one side and as Luigi go behind and grab his tail. Repeat these steps and he will be defeated.

How to defeat the Kruller Guard Ghost Boss – 3F Boss Fight

We are now into the final boss fight of third floor in Luigi’s Mansion 3, enter the room and you will see the boss grabs a water gun. He will lock himself behind a grill, so Luigi cannot cross. As Gooigi you have to save yourself from water or else Gooigi will melt. Here is a trick to defeat the Guard Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Do not go near, use suction to pull his glasses and break them. When he rolls on the ground stun him and grab him from the tail. Slam on the ground to reduce his health points that starts from 250.

He will drop Elevator Key – 2. Here you will fight with a mad chef ghost. To know more read our guide how to defeat Chef Soulffle in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

Hope the above tips and tricks will help you to clear the third floor of Luigi’s Mansion 3. There are many ghost and a five key puzzle to finally get an key to access the Boss Room.