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How to Defeat Maid Ghost Chambrea In Luigi’s Mansion 3 – Unlock Gooigi

Reward - 3F Elevator Button & Get Gooigi

You will get 5F Elevator key from the Steward Ghost Boss whom you will defeat in the Undgerground Garage. After defeating him go to Elevator and place the key to access 5F. Then after setting up Elvin Gadd’s lab you will have to retrieve his briefcase from 5th Floor. In room 508 you will find a huge Maid Ghost has it and she is not going to leave it. This is where you will face first boss of Luigi’s Mansion 3. The Maid Ghost is huge and she is strong, but you will unlock Suction Shot that will help you a lot in defeating the maid ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Read our Luigi’s Mansion 3 Boss fight guide to know how to defeat the Chambrea  maid and get Gadd’s briefcase back, also what rewards you will unlock.

How to defeat the Maid Ghost Boss – Chambrea


Defeating the Porter Ghost will give you two elevator keys, 1 & 5. At Level 5 after setting up Elvin Gadd’s lab you will unlock a new Poltergust feature Suction Shot. This is an important upgrade because you will be using Suction Shot to defeat the Maid Ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 who has Gadd’s briefcase. Press Y to fire a rubber plunger on a flat surface, and then Press A to tug a object. Keep pressing the key to slam it on the ground, this shot will help you to break objects and destroy stronger ghost.

Tips to Defeat Maid Boss

Go to Room 508 where you will see the Maid Ghost, she will swallow the briefcase and pass through wall to hide in another room. Here there is an trick to defeat the maid ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3, you have to align your position and shoot the rubber plunger at the briefcase. Once she is caught, press A to tug and slam here on the floor.


Stun here first, she is with 180 Health points, not that tough to defeat. Do not wait for too long, after every attack she will escape into another room, so follow her and repeat the Suction shot on her. After three successful attacks you will be able to capture the maid ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

She will drop a Elevator Key – 3. Return back to Gadd’s Lab. This is how you can instantly defeat the maid ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 and unlock a new elevator key that will help you to reach new floors with new bosses and rewards.

The elevator key will unlock 3F, where you will fight Kruller, a huge Guard boss and you will have to solve a 6 Key puzzle to unlock multiple rooms. You can read our walkthorugh how to Defeat 3F Boss Kruller in Luigi’s Mansion 3.