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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Walkthrough Chapter 2 – Unlock Poltergust, LAB & Free Elvin

Gear Up Time

After escaping from King Boo Luigi wakes up in an underground garage where he will find his unique gadget The Poltergust G-00. This one is a multipurpose gadget where you can capture a ghost, collect coins, or break objects. You can hold A to release the flash to unlock green glowing locks. Further, you have to free Professor Elvin Gadd who will give you access to his Lab and offer you new upgrades as you complete objectives for him.

Underground Garage


Follow the dog to who will lead you to a locked underground garage. As you enter go left first and grab some free gold from the chest then continue to right towards a car. This is where you will find Poltergust G-00. Luigi’s unique upgraded vacuum device that comes with multiple attachments. There will be a short tutorial on how to use it and later you will have return back to the main lobby.

Continue right towards the elevator there is a locked door with a green glowing lock. Use Poltergust to stun the lock, hold A for that. It will be unlocked.

Gold Coin Location:


The first thing to do is go right near the vending machine hold A to release the flash one more time and grab a ton of sweet golds. Scan below the stairs and there are a trash can and huge chest in the corner. You will get a lot of coins and gold bars from here.

Collect the rewards and go up, to break objects blocking your path press ZL to release a blow of air that will break trash cans. Go up and you will be on the First Floor right outside the Lift. Go inside the lift and Luigi will find all the Lift Buttons are Missing. This is another task that will be unlocked ahead, you have to find all Lift buttons and it is dropped by Porter Ghost.

Return to the main lobby, the area with the front desk, the mansion is locked down. This will be your first encounter with all the ghosts. You have to stun them by Pressing A and then suck them by thrashing them on the ground. Every ghost health points are displayed on their head, the first two are with 100 points. The more you hold them with Poltergust the more points drops and thrashing gives higher damage.


Key Location 1:

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

After capturing the ghost go to the front desk and grab the key. Also, hold A in front of a glowing green lock on the right that will give you a crystal. Carry the key and unlock the big door used by the hotel owner to greet you at the very beginning. This will lead you to a hall where you will find a picture of Professor Elvin Gadd who is going to give you a ton of fresh upgrades for your only weapon Poltergust G-00. He is trapped in the picture, and to pull him out you will need to upgrade you Poltergust G-00.


Here is a dedicated guide on how to upgrade your Poltergust G-00 in Luigi’s Mansion 3, after getting the attachment return back to the hall and use the vacuum on the picture. Elvin Gadd will be free and he will ask you to take him back to the underground garage.

How to defeat Porter Ghost – Steward

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Steward Ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 will be the first tough enemy you will face, with over 250 health points he will throw heavy luggage on you. Be ready with your Poltergust, stun the ghost first then walk behind and pull him. Thrash him on the ground and return these steps three times to beat the Ghost. He will drop two Elevators keys 1 & 5. On Floor 5F you will fight the Maid Boss Chambrea.

What you can do at Professor Elvin Gadd Lab?

Elvin Gadd Lab’s will be a control point, here you can check out menus, talk to the professor for help and do all other things. He gives you a VR device that will help you to connect with Elvin from the Elevator directly. He will also grant you more upgrades in the future, you have to return all the captured ghosts to his collection. Give him ghost’s and he will give you upgrades.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 Chapter 3 Walkthrough

Elvin will ask you to return to the elevator and plant the Virtual Boo tool, place the elevators buttons also. You can check Maps from VB Menu. Also, do not forget to test the VB Communication system by pressing the Plus key. You can communicate with Elvin through E.Gadd Hotline. He will grant you new objectives.

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