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How to Unlock Poltergust First Upgrade In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Reveal hidden items

In Luigi’s Mansion 3, Poltergust G-00 is your default weapon against the notorious ghost haunting the Last Resort. As you progress in the story you will unlock new Poltergust upgrades in Luigi’s Mansion 3. One of them will be coming soon after you are able to enter into the hotel lobby main door just above the front desk. To get the upgrade you will have to find two keys, one for the door to enter a hall with an doctors painting and second key to unlock the door that has a safe with the upgrade. Below you can read how to unlock Poltergust upgrades in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to unlock Hotel Lobby Door – First Key Location


When you reach the front desk just use your Poltergust vacuum to scan all the files and papers around. The key is on the left side just keep scanning and you will find the key that will allow you to access to an hall with an painting in the center. This is a huge hall where you will be fighting more ghost in coming time.

How to unlock Metal Door to reach safe with Poltergust  Upgrade – Second Key Location

When you are in the hall go left, unlock the door and first thing you will see is a metal door on right. It is locked and it has the Poltergust upgrade in a sift inside. Go right and unlock the door of a huge makeup room. Walk right and you will see a green glowing lock in the mirror. Turn around hold A to stun the lock by facing it, your back should face the mirror.


Luigis Mansion 3 Keys Location

This is how you can unlock green glowing locks, just stun them and that’ it. When you stun the lock the painting on your right will move revealing the second key in Luigi’s Mansion 3. Collect the key and return back to the locked room and stun the safe in the left of the room.

  • Bonus: When you are at the front desk go right and flash the glowing green lock. It will unlock the keys section and you will get a purple diamond with a ton of cash. Grab everything.


You will get a new upgrade for Poltergust , use it on the painting of coins on the right and grab all sweat gold. Check out all nooks and corners and return back to the painting. It’s time to free Doctor E.Gadd.