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Luigi’s Mansion 3 Walkthrough Chapter 1 – The Last Resort Prologue

Entering Into The Mansion

Luigi’s Mansion 3 starts with a relaxing cutscene where everyone is heading to their vacation at a luxury mansion the Last Resort. You will learn basic controls, interaction with objects and check out the elevator with a few important characters. As the game progress ahead you will see how these characters turn into a nightmare.

The Last Resort


If you want to enjoy the game do not go with Screampark, select story and wait for the first cutscene to end. After entering the hotel you have to check-in at the front desk to progress. The Last Resort’s Owner, Hellen Gravely will introduce herself. Follow her to the elevator that will become your default spot to travel into different maps.

Hellen will drop everyone on the floor where you can Luigi, Mario and Princess Peach go to separate rooms while the Mushroom brothers go the opposite. You can check all the drawers, but the important part is to rest on the best to progress to the haunted world.

Go near the bed and press X to interact. A cutscene will start where Luigi wakes up on scream, he founds the hotel is a trap. There is nothing in the room except in the drawer on the left of the bed, there are some coins. Get them and if you want you can scan all the rooms or else heard toward the elevator to meet Hellen Gravely.


How to escape from King Boo?

King Boo will pop-out revealing he is the one who is behind all these dramas and he had captured Luigi’s friend. If you want to complete the game then do not run, King Boo will catch and the game is over. But to progress run, and avoid any obstacles in your path. There is one thing you can do before you hit the elevator region to meet the owner, run in the lobby area and crash into objects to push them aside. It will help you to escape, you have to run all the way to the laundry shaft to the other end of the lobby that completes Chapter 1 of Luigi’s Mansion 3.

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