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How to Get Morty’s Megaphone In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Help the Director

After capturing Dr. Potter the Gardener Ghost in Luigi’s Mansion 3 you will get Elevator key to the eight floor that will take you to an film studio. Here you will find a ghost of failed Director Morty who is crying for this Megaphone. To get the next Elevator key you have to help him with the Megaphone. There is a puzzle here and in this Luigi’s Mansion 3 boss tips I will show the exact way to solve the Megaphone puzzle and grab it without wasting much time.

How to get the Megaphone – Puzzle Solution


When you enter the lobby from the elevator you will need to grab a key which is on the left of elevator right next to the TV. Grab it and unlock the main door where you will find the crying Director Morty. He is not like other Ghost bosses who will try to attack you, instead he needs help. He lost is Megaphone and to get it back you will have to solve a puzzle. Below is the solution to find Morty’s Megaphone in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

There are four TV’s in front of Morty each is connected with an studio. You can see the numbers on the door from 1 to 4 and a big 5 in front of Morty.

Studio 1 – Collect Water in Bucket


Grab a water bucket from the first TV on right, and take it to Studio 1. Throw the bucket in the well and call Gooigi. Keep him near the well and interact with the camera that will reveal a scene from movie Ring. A lady pops out from the well with a bucket filled with water. Grab it.

Studio 2 – Collect Fire Lamp

Grab the water filled bucket and go to Studio 2, as Googi wait near the castle but away from the cart. Interact with Camera as Luigi to the start the scene. A rock breaks the cart revealing a plant, water it to reach the top of tower and grab the lamp.


Studio 3 – Get some Fire

Carry the lamp to Studio 3 and interact with the camera. You will need to fire the lamp and then take it to the Studio 4. There will be some ghost here.

Studio 4 – Burn the Web


Go to Studio 4 as Gooigi hold the lamp and as Luigi interact with the camera. Burn the web to collect the Megaphone and return to Morty.

How to defeat Kaiju Ghost – Boss Fight

Morty Megaphone Puzzle

Morty is happy but he will get an ideal of casting Mario into a blockbuster action movie. This is where you will fight with an kaiju. You will need Gooigi’s help here. When Kaiju attacks with a ball of blow it back on it. Luigi and Googi both will have use Poltergust at the same time in blowing the ball back on Kaiju. Three to four attacks and you will win this level. Dodge his fire ball attacks, push the blue and green one back on him.

Morty will give you Elevator Key 9, while placing the key Polterkitty the pet of Hellen Gravely will grab it from you triggering a new boss fight in Luigi’ mansion 3. You can read our walkthrough how to find Polterkitty and retrieve the Elevator button in Luigi’s Mansion 3.