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How to Defeat DJ Phantasmagloria Ghost Boss In Luigi’s Mansion 3

Defeat the DJ

Once you are done capturing Polterkitty after defeating Johnny Deepend on the 12th floor you will have to face one more boss DJ Phantasmagloria before fighting the last two – Hellen Gravely & King Boo. Similar to the boss in the pool the DJ Ghost Boss is easy to beat in Luigi’s Mansion 3 but there is an trick. It might take long time to defeat the DJ boss but with the trick mentioned in this guide you can within two to three waves take down the boss and head to 15th floor to fight the next boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.

How to defeat DJ Phantasmagloria on 14th Floor


14th Floor is has a groovy dance hall ideal to party and you will find some cool ghost here. They love to dance but you are not invited. Just reach the main dance hall it is pretty simple to find the way where you will see DJ Phantasmagloria Ghost Boss

She will start her music making tiny minions to dance attack you. The only way to pass this level is go near the ghost which has the Elevator key and press ZL + ZR to create a shockwave followed by jump. It will shock the ghost who will then pass the elevator button to another ghost. Once again focus only the ghost who has the Elevator key, others are useless. After two attacks the DJ Ghost Boss will hop on the dance floor for the final fight.

To defeat her first Dodge her attack, you have to go as near as possible and create the shockwave by pressing ZL + ZR. This will stun her throwing her wig in the air, stun her with Poltergust, grab and slam on the floor. Repeat this twice or thrice, that’s it. She will be puke out the key and you are done with boss of 14th Floor.


Beating down the DJ Ghost boss is simple, but it requires the proper timing to jump and stun the ghost. Or else it might take more than 5 to 8 tries. Do not worry about the health here much, just focus on throwing her wig up in the air and instantly use Poltergust to stun her. Slam and done, 450 Health points might look high but she is easy to beat.

So this is how you can take down DJ Phantasmagloria Ghost Boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3, next to 15th floor to fight Hellen Gravely, the owner of the Last Resort before meeting King Boo the final boss. Click here to read our walkthrough on how to defeat Hellen Gravely boss in Luigi’s Mansion 3.