Valheim: How To Survive Plains Biome

Playing solo and don't know how to survive the dangerous Plains in Valheim? Here are some tips that will help you out.

There are various biomes in Valheim and Plains is one that may sound like there are no dangers lurking here because the place has open spaces. But the Plain is pretty scary because it houses the Hostile creatures like Fulings, Deathsquitos and the Yagluth boss is right here too. If you want to know how to survive the Plains in Valheim, here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Valheim Plains Guide

The Plains are the most tough biome to navigate even though its outward appearance isn’t as scary as the Swamps or the Black Forest. Let’s take a look at all the creatures and monsters you will come across in this biome:

  • Fulings
  • Fuling Shaman
  • Fuling Berserker
  • Deathsquito
  • Lox

The resources that you can get from the Plains biome are Birch, Cloudberries, Flax and Barley.

How to Survive Valheim Plains – Tips

So, here are some Valheim Plains tips and tricks that you can follow to survive and get all the resources from this region.

  • Ensure that you are entering this biome with a planning beforehand. Get your food and keep yourself well rested (rested buff). You have to get to the Plains as if you are entering a battlefield.
  • Set up a makeshift base for yourself with a fire indoors to keep yourself safe.
  • Build a Trench around your base and give yourself necessary platforms to navigate the area.
  • Make a Portal to teleport.
  • Arrive with Iron Armor or Padded Armor equipped.
  • Keep an eye out for enemies from a distance and try to take them out before they come too close.
  • Take some sausages, blood pudding and serpent stew with you as you will need a lot of health and stamina.
  • Keep upgrading your equipment as you keep gathering more resources.
  • Here’s how to kill a Deathsquito if you encounter this terrifying enemy. Ensure that you have a good bow like Draugr Fang. Check out our Best weapons guide to know more such powerful weapons.
  • You will encounter Fulings who will move around in groups and you will even spot them in their camps in bigger numbers.
  • In terms of creatures, you will see some Loxes who have the power to attack while swimming as well so your boats will be in danger as well. Once you are here, though, you can even tame a Lox.
  • The boss you will come across in the Plains biome is Yagluth, check out how to beat this boss easily.

This is basically all that you need to know about surviving Plains biome. Overall, you need quite a bit of prepping beforehand so do that and you will be all set. If you want to know about other biomes in the game and the biome progression, then check out our Valheim wiki.