Valheim Padded Armor: How To Make It Using Linen

Here's how to craft and get Padded Armor in Valheim.

Armors are a great deal in Valheim. They protect you from creatures and even sometimes from nature itself. Like the Wolf armor that shields you from the freeze damage in the Mountain biome. But not all armors are perfect – even the Iron armor can’t save you from a small Deathsquito. All that said, if you are looking for the best armor in the Valheim, then look no further than the Padded Armor. So for those completionists or armor enthusiasts, here’s how to make Padded Armor in Valheim.

How to Get Padded Armor in Valheim?

To make Padded Armor Set in Valheim, you need to combine Iron and Linen thread to make a Padded helmet, Padded cuirass, and Padded greaves. This armor is the 7th tier armor in the game after Rag, Leather, Troll, Bronze, Iron, and the Wolf Armor. To craft the Padded Armor Set, you will need the following ingredients:

  • Padded helmet – 10 Iron & 15 Linen thread
  • Padded cuirass – 10 Iron & 20 Linen thread
  • Padded greaves – 10 Iron & 20 Linen thread

So overall you will need 30 Iron and 55 Linen threads to craft the complete set in the forge. Also, make sure to upgrade your Forge to unlock these items.

Calheim Padded Armor
You require 30 Iron and 55 Linen to craft all pieces of Padded Armor Set in Valheim.

Steps to Craft Padded Armor

Let’s look at how to get Padded armor in Valheim through the steps below:

  • You need to unlock Iron after beating the Elder.
  • Use the Wishbone to find Scrap Iron in Muddy Scrap Piles below the ground.
  • You need to use Smelter to make a stack of 30 Iron.
  • Kill Moder to get Dragon tear, use it to craft Artisans Table.
  • Artisans Table will unlock the Blast furnace, Windmill, and Spinning Wheel for you.
  • Craft and place Spinning Wheel. This converts Flax into Linen thread.
  • Next, you need to go to the Plains biome.
  • Flax can be found around Fuling camps and in this biome.
  • Use them on Spinning Wheel to make Linen thread.
  • Once you have collected 55 Linen threads, then go to Forge.
  • Now you can craft all the pieces of the armor.

That’s everything you need to know about crafting Padded Armor in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. Also check out more tips & tricks that will help you level up your gameplay in our Valheim guides, like: