Valheim: How To Make Leather Armor And Upgrade From Rag Armor

Upgrade from your Rag armor and make Leather Armor in Valheim for a better experience.

In Valheim, your goal is to keep progressing and leveling up until your character becomes powerful enough to take on the big, bad bosses. You will begin the game with basic clothing (Rag Armor) but soon, you will be able to unlock Leather Armor. In this guide, we will explain how to make Leather Armor in Valheim and what materials you need for it. Without further ado, let’s jump right in.

How to Craft Leather Armor in Valheim?

how to craft leather armor valheim

You can make Leather Armor when you have Deer Hide Cape, Leather Helmet, Leather Pants and Leather Tunic. Players can craft all four pieces of this Leather Armor set with the help of the Workbench. Here’s what you need to craft each item:

  • Deer Hide Cape: 4 Deer Hide and 5 Bone Fragments
  • Leather Helmet: 6 Deer Hide
  • Leather Pants: 6 Deer Hide
  • Leather Tunic: 6 Deer Hide

So, overall, you need 22 Deer Hide along with 5 Bone Fragments to make Leather Armor in Valheim. Players can get their hands on the Deer Hide by killing Deer which should be easy with any weapon – melee or ranged. Simply sneak up to Deer and attack them because if you are spotted by them, they will run off quickly.

To get Bone Fragments, you have to kill Skeletons and Rancid Remains present in the Burial Chambers. You will most likely find them in the Black Forest biome. Apart from these enemies, you can also obtain Bone Fragments when you kill Draugr or Draugr Elite. That’s not all – you can also mine the Muddy Scrap Piles in the Swamp’s Sunken Crypts to get Bone Fragments as well as Iron.

The Bone Fragments are also a requirement in the crafting of Troll Hide Armor that gives you extra sneak. Find out how to get Bone Fragments in more detail in our guide.

Want more such information? Our Valheim wiki guide has it all. Also find out which are the Best weapons in the game you need to have and all the Crafting Recipes required. In case you want to use some cheats, we’ve got a Valheim Console Commands list for Spawning items as well.