Valheim Console Command To Spawn Items Using Prefab List

Here's how to use the Valheim console command to spawn items in the game.

There’s so much to do in this Norse survival game that players are looking for ways to progress faster. The Valheim console commands for PC will help you just that and if you are playing solo, it is okay to use them. When you are in a multiplayer environment though, using cheats is generally frowned upon because you will get features like God Mode, Kill nearby enemies, Tame all nearby tameable creatures and more. But if the server host allows it, then you can play with some server commands. Now, if you are curious to know about the Spawn Items console commands in Valheim, though, then this guide will help you out.

Before getting into the Valheim cheats, know that you have to first enable them. To do that, first start the game and press the F5 button to get the console. That’s where you must type in “devcommands” without the double quotes and press Enter after which you can press F5 to close it. Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here.

how to spawn items valheim console command cheat

How to Spawn Items – Valheim Console Commands & Cheat

To spawn items using cheats and console commands in Valheim, you have to type ‘spawn’ followed by the prefab name and the amount required. The command sequence will look like this:

  • spawn (item name) (quantity) (level)

For example, to spawn five Bronze Nails, you will type the spawn items cheat like this:

  • spawn BronzeNails 5

To spawn a Troll of level 10, you need to type this:

  • spawn Troll 1 10 

Remember that whichever items you are spawning in the game have to be written in a particular format. There should be capital letters at the beginning of each word and there should be no space between them. So Black Metal Scrap should be typed as BlackMetalScrap, Carrot seeds should be CarrotSeeds and so on. These are the prefabs of the items in the game.

Valheim Prefab List (Item Names)


  • AxeBlackMetal
  • AxeBronze
  • AxeFlint
  • AxeIron
  • AxeStone


  • PickaxeAntler
  • PickaxeBronze
  • PickaxeIron
  • PickaxeStone


  • Bow
  • BowFineWood
  • BowHuntsman

Melee Weapons

  • Swords
  • SwordBlackmetal
  • SwordBronze
  • SwordCheat
  • SwordIron
  • SwordIronFire
  • SwordSilver
  • Spears
  • SpearBronze
  • SpearChitin
  • SpearElderbark
  • SpearFlint
  • SpearWolfFang


  • MeadFrostResist
  • MeadHealthMedium
  • MeadHealthMinor
  • MeadPoisonResist
  • MeadStaminaMedium
  • MeadStaminaMinor
  • MeadTasty


  • Sausages
  • SerpentMeatCooked

Resources and Food

  • RoundLog (Core Wood)
  • FineWood
  • Obsidian
  • ElderBark
  • Barley
  • BarleyFlour
  • BarleyWine
  • BarleyWine
  • Bloodbag
  • BloodPudding
  • Blueberries
  • BlueberryBush
  • BoneFragments
  • Bread
  • Carrot
  • CarrotSeeds
  • CarrotSoup
  • Cloudberry
  • CloudberryBush
  • LoxPie
  • LoxMeat
  • Mushroom
  • MushroomBlue
  • MushroomYellow


  • Bonemass
  • Dragon
  • Eikthyr
  • gd_king (The Elder)
  • GoblinKing (Yagluth)
  • BossStones
  • BossStone_Bonemass
  • BossStone_DragonQueen
  • BossStone_Eikthyr
  • BossStone_TheElder
  • BossStone_Yagluth


  • Troll


  • Amber
  • Coins
  • AmberPearl
  • Ruby


  • ArmorBronzeChest
  • ArmorBronzeLegs
  • ArmorIronChest
  • ArmorIronLegs
  • ArmorLeatherChest
  • ArmorLeatherLegs
  • ArmorPaddedCuirass
  • ArmorPaddedGreaves
  • ArmorRagsChest
  • ArmorRagsLegs
  • ArmorTrollLeatherChest
  • ArmorTrollLeatherLegs
  • ArmorWolfChest
  • ArmorWolfLegs


  • ArrowBronze
  • ArrowFire
  • ArrowFlint
  • ArrowFrost
  • ArrowIron
  • ArrowNeedle
  • ArrowObsidian
  • ArrowPoison
  • ArrowSilver
  • ArrowWood


  • AtgeirBlackmetal
  • AtgeirBronze
  • AtgeirIron

For the full item names and prefab list in Valheim, head over to the Steam guide by Sonata.

You can do the same for resources and other food items you want to spawn in Valheim. This cheat should work for all of them. If you want, you can also try to use it to spawn the sacrificial items for bosses like Eikthyr, The Elder, Yagluth, Bonemass and more. Or you can even try to spawn creatures and see if you can farm their drops via this method.

So, that’s all about Valheim Spawn items console commands. You can head over to our complete Valheim cheats guide to get more some cheat codes that will help you out. If you don’t want to use commands for anything else then our Valheim wiki will show you all the ways to beat bosses, find resources and level up.