How To Make Linen Thread In Valheim?

Read this guide to know how to make Linen Thread in Valheim.

Valheim is a new co-op, role-playing simulator game. The game includes various activities that players can partake in. One such is the activity of sewing and making clothes. In Valheim, clothes form an important part of the armor and are suitable for various environments. Linen as a resource is difficult to obtain in Valheim and this guide tells you how to make Linen Thread and how to use it.

Make Linen Thread In Valheim

How to make linen thread in Valheim
Follow this guide to make Linen Thread in Valheim

Linen Thread is an important resource in crafting armor and weapons. You can craft items such as Black Metal Axe, Black Metal Knife, Black Metal Sword, Porcupine Mace, Padded Helmet, and other instruments. Black Metal is readily available in the game early on. Linen thread on the other hand takes time.

Most of the Black Metal weapons in the game require Linen to build.  Linen is readily available once you defeat the fourth boss, Moder. After defeating Moder he will drop various recipes and you will know how to craft the Spinning Wheel. To craft the Spinning Wheel, you will require an Artisan Table.

When you have the Spinning Wheel you will see that it has an opening at the back. To make Linen Thread you will have to feed in Flax Seed. Once you have done that the machine will make the thread.

Items That Use Linen:

  • Black Metal Sword- Workbench Level 4, 2 Wood, 20 Ferrous Metal, 5 Linen Thread
  • Black Metal Axe- Workbench Level 4, 6 Wood, 20 Ferrous Metal, 5 Linen Thread
  • Porcupine Mace- Workbench Level 4, 5 Wood, 20 Iron, 5 Needle, 3 Linen Thread
  • Black Metal Knife- Workbench Level 4, 4 Wood, 10 Ferrous Metal, 5 Linen Thread
  • Padded Helmet- Workbench Level 1, 10 Iron, 15 Linen Threads

This is all you need to know about How to make Linen Thread in Valheim. while you’re here look at how to make Wolf Armor and where to find Bone Fragments in Valheim.