Valheim Draugr Fang: How To Get This Draugr Bow

Here's how to craft this unique ranged weapon in Valheim.

Draugr Fang in Valheim is a bow that is quite a powerful one that you can use and if you are wondering how to craft the Draugr Fang, this guide will help you out. The description calls it a vicious thing and the best part is that it glows, particularly standing out in the darker areas. It just looks way too cool. Keep reading to know more about how to get this unique weapon.

How To Get Draugr Bow In Valheim

You can craft the Draugr Fang with the following materials:

You need a Forge to craft it and it should be at Level 2. You can unlock the Recipe when you have found some Silver, Ancient Bark and Guck that is essential for this item. Remember to have enough inventory space for these items and carry a good Axe with you to get your Ancient Bark and Guck.

As its name suggests, the Draugr Fang is based on the Draugr – the hostile creatures that you will come across in the Swamp. You may even come face to face with them in the Meadows where the Draugr villages are present. These are quite dangerous enemies and their drops are Entrails and Draugr Trophy. Make sure you have some Poison Resistance with you to stay safe in the Swamps.

Valheim Draugr Fang Bow

If you are in search of the resources then we’ve got guides that will give you the right location to go to. Here’s how to get Guck, Silver and Ancient Bark in the Game. To get some Deer Hide, you have to kill Deer but be careful because they will escape if they sense your arrival. You can head to the Meadows or Black Forest biomes to find this creature fast.

With the Draugr Fang Bow, you will get a -10% in your movement speed. But its Durability is 100, Pierce is 47 and Poison is 5. You can upgrade the Draugr Bow as you keep collecting more resources.

That’s everything on how to get the Draugr Fang in Valheim. To know more about the best weapons in the game and the Armor tier list, check out our linked guides. For everything else, head over to our Valheim wiki guide.