Valheim Armor Tier List: Upgrade And Get The Best Armor

Check out the Armor Tiers in Valheim and what materials you need to craft them all.

Having good armor is very crucial in this unforgiving survival game because there is danger lurking in every corner. This is why we’ve created this Valheim Armor Tier List that will tell you which is the best armor that you can get your hands on. Find out what you need to do to get these armors and which materials you need to craft them all.

Valheim Armor Tier List – Which is the Best Armor?

which is the best armor in valheim

Know about Armor tiers in Valheim from the most basic to the best one in the game.

Tier 1: Rag Armor

If you are starting out with this game, the first armor you will come across is the Rag armor which forms the Tier 1. You will need the Workbench to craft it and the Rag pants and Rag Tunic forms the Rag armor set.

Here are the crafting materials required for the Rag Armor.

  • Rag pants: 5 Leather Scraps
  • Rag tunic: 5 Leather Scraps

Tier 2: Leather Armor

The second tier of Valheim armor is the Leather armor and the set has four pieces. Use the workbench to craft the following pieces of the Leather armor set.

  • Deer Hide Cape: 4 Deer Hide and 5 Bone Fragments
  • Leather Helmet: 6 Deer Hide
  • Leather Pants: 6 Deer Hide
  • Leather Tunic: 6 Deer Hide

When you equip the entire set, you will get 7 armor.

Tier 3: Troll Hide Armor

As the name suggests, you need Troll Hide to craft the third Valheim Armor tier which is Troll Armor.

  • Troll leather pants: 5 Troll hide
  • Troll leather tunic: 5 Troll hide
  • Troll leather helmet: 5 Troll hide and 3 Bone Fragments
  • Troll hide cape: 10 Troll hide and 10 Bone Fragments

With this set, you get extra stealth because it grants +25% Sneak. Ideal to use if you want to sneak up on enemies or animals. You also get 19 Armor with it.

Tier 4: Bronze Armor

Featuring in the fourth armor tier of Valheim is the Bronze Armor which can be crafted at the Forge. There are three pieces in this set and wearing it entirely gives you 24 Armor. Do note that your movement speed will also reduce by 10%.

Here are the crafting materials you will need:

  • Bronze Helmet: Bronze and Deer Hide
  • Bronze Plate Cuirass: 5 Bronze and 2 Deer Hide
  • Bronze Plate Leggings: 5 Bronze and 2 Deer Hide

Tier 5: Iron Armor

Iron armor is the fifth tier of armor in Valheim which is a good upgrade from the Bronze armor. You will need three pieces and you can craft it at the Forge as well.

  • Iron Helmet: 20 Iron and 2 Deer Hide
  • Iron Scale Mail: 20 Iron and 2 Deer Hide
  • Iron Greaves: 20 Iron and 2 Deer Hide

You will get 42 armor when you equip the entire set but it also decreases your movement speed by 10%.

Tier 6: Wolf Armor

Wolf Armor is one the best armors available in the game right now and it features Wolf Armor Chest, Wolf Armor Leggings and Wolf Fur Cape. Find their crafting materials below:

  • Wolf Armor Chest: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelt and 1 Chain
  • Wolf Armor Leggings: 20 Silver, 5 Wolf Pelt, 4 Wolf Fang
  • Wolf Fur Cape: 6 Wolf Pelt, 4 Silver, 1 Wolf Trophy

The important thing to know is that the Wolf Armor will save you from the cold which will come in very handy in the Mountain biome.

Tier 7: Padded Armor

The 7th tier and the Best armor in Valheim is the Padded Armor which includes Padded helmet, Padded cuirass and Padded greaves. Here’s what you need for it:

  • Padded helmet – 10 Iron and 15 Linen thread
  • Padded cuirass – 10 Iron and 20 Linen thread
  • Padded greaves – 10 Iron and 20 Linen thread

When you have this armor, you will be equipping the best in the game currently. This strong set lowers your movement speed by 10% but gives you 78 Armor.

There’s also the Drake Helmet which isn’t a part of any set but is quite a good piece of armor. It gives you 20 Armor and looks cool too. Moreover, you can try the Lox Cape which will give you Frost Resistance.

Don’t forget to check all the linked guides to know more about how to craft each and every item.

That concludes our Valheim Armor Tier List. Now that you know about the armor tiers, do you want to know about the best weapons in Valheim as well? Find out right here and for everything else, head over to our Valheim wiki guide.