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Valheim: How To Craft Lox Cape

Find out how to get Lox Cape in Valheim.

If you have stumbled upon the Plains biome, or curious about the Haldor’s pet Lox Halstein, then my friends Lox are tamable in the game. But if you can attack and kill one of them there is a reward for you. You can craft a special cape with a Damage modifier. So let’s find out how to make Lox Cape in Valheim.

How to Craft Lox Cape in Valheim?

To make a Lox cape, you need to craft it at level 2 Forge using 6 Lox pelt and 2 Silver. Lox pelts are dropped from Lox in the Plains biome. You can get Silver by using the Wishbone you collected from Bonemass.

Lox Cape will give you resistance against the frost. So you can rock this with the rest of your outfit in the Mountain biome, without taking Frost Damage. This is almost identical to the Wolf fur cape which will also give you Frost Resistance.

Lox cape Valheim
You can craft Lox Cape at Forge using 6 Lox pelt and 2 Silver.

How to Get Lox Pelt

In short, you need to get a boat, preferably a Longship to protect you from the Serpent attacks, and go to Plains biome. You will find herds of Lox there and you can kill them to get pelt. Lox pelt is guaranteed drop from every Lox. Also, note that Lox can swim in the sea and attack your boat. Plus, beware of Deathsquitos which can bring you to your demise.

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