Valheim Warm Clothes: How To Stop Freezing

Here's how to get warm clothes in Valheim & stop freezing in the Mountain biome by using the best armor and meads against the frost.

Mountain biome can be even seen from a distance due to their massive tall peaks. This biome is always covered in thick snow and freezing cold frost. Visiting the cold environments of Mountain biome without the right gear will cause you to lose health due to chip damage from the cold. So exploring this area requires you to being a correct armor like Wolf armor, or else carry Frost resistance mead with you. So let’s look at how to get warm clothes in Valheim and stop freezing in the Mountain biome.

Valheim is not among one of the forgiving games. You have to continuously keep upgrading your armor, weapons, and base to survive in this world, filled with Odin’s enemies doesn’t make it easy on players. Going to cold Mountain biomes and mining Obsidian is one of the main recommended things you should do before facing the third boss Bonemass in Valheim. Frost arrows are the best-ranged weapon to use against this behemoth.

How to Get Warm Clothes in Valheim & How to Stop Freezing Damage in Cold Mountain Biome

Valheim Get Warm Clothes & Stop Freezing Mountain
Get Warm Clothes & Stop Freezing Damage in Valheim

To get warm clothes in Valheim you need to craft Wolf armor. You need to craft both chest part and legs part to complete the armor set. In total it will cost you 40 Silver, 10 Wolf Pelt, 4 Wolf Fangs & 1 Chain to craft the set. The wolf armor is certainly one of the best and will provide you with a 75% block as well as inflict 40 Max Damage. It is one tier above the Iron armor and Leather armor that you can find in the game. Wolf armor will also help you against Moder boss fight, as you will require frost resistance during your fight. Take this armor with you and become invincible in almost every fight that you get into.

Craft Frost Resistance Mead to Keep Warm in the Cold Mountain without Freezing

Stop Freezing Valheim
Frost Resistance Mead & Wolf armor in Valheim

Apart from crafting Wolf armor, you can carry Frost Resistance Mead or set up Campfires in the Mountain biome. This will give you high resistance against frost. To make this mead potion you will need a Frost resistance Mead base. You can craft this by adding Honey, Thistle, Bloodbag, and Greydwarf eye. Once the Frost resistance Mead base is fermented in a Fermenter use it to craft the Mead in a Cauldron.

That’s everything need to know about how to get warm clothes in Valheim & how to stop freezing damage in the Mountain biome. For more tips and tricks, check out more of our Valheim guides. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.