Valheim: How To Get Sausage

Here's how to make Sausages in Valheim and where to find ingredients for it.

There are many different sources of food and cooked meat in Valheim. While you can gather food items like carrots and raspberries by harvesting them using Cultivator and a Hoe, you will need a Cauldron and Cooking station to make stews & cooked meat. If you want to know more, check out our guide on how to set up a cooking station and start cooking meat in Valheim. Now, in the early game, before you build a Karve or Longship to set into Ocean, the best food item you can cook is a Sausage. Today let’s look at how to make sausage in Valheim.

How to Make Sausage in Valheim?

To make Sausage in Valheim, you need to cook it in Cauldron by using 2 Entrails, 1 Raw meat, and 4 Thistles. It will increase your max health by 60 units and max stamina by 40 units, the player effects last 1600 seconds. It is the best food in-game only preceded by Serpent Stew and Serpent Cooked Meat.

Sausage Valheim
Crafting recipe to make Sausage in Valheim

How to Craft Sausages?

To craft Sausages in Valheim you follow below steps:

  • Make a Cauldron with 10 Tin as Ingredients.
  • It needs to be placed on top of a campfire or hearth.
  • Go to Swamp biome and collect 2 Entrails for the sausage recipe.
  • Entrails are piles of guts that are dropped by Draugrs.
  • You will also need 1 Raw meat, either received as Deer drop or Boar drop.
  • Collect 4 Thistles. They are glowing blue plants which can be found in the Swamp and the Black Forest biomes.
  • Once you have everything ready, go to your Cauldron, from the crafting menu, select Sausage.

That’s everything you need to know about making Sausage in Valheim. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki. Also check out more tips & tricks that will help you level up your gameplay in our Valheim guides, like: