How To Make Fire Indoors In Valheim

Here's how to make fire indoors in Valheim. Build a campfire inside your house without covering your home with smoke.

The world of Valheim is brutal due to the enemies and of course, the freezing cold. Keeping yourself warm is important and you can use warm clothes for that. But you also need a fire indoors because having a campfire inside your house will give you the much-needed heat. You will also sleep peacefully due to its existence nearby. But there is a problem – the fire will lead to smoke thereby leading to suffocation. It can also kill you in the game. So, here’s how to make a fire indoors in Valheim without suffocating yourself by building a Chimney as well as other methods.

How to Build an Indoor Campfire in Valheim?

You can make a fire inside your house by ensuring that you give a proper outlet for the smoke coming from the campfire. If you don’t do it right, it will lead to smoke spreading all over the house. This is why you will need some space for the smoke to escape which can be done with a Chimney or by letting it out via an opening in the roof on your house. The better option is to make a Chimney.

In the first method, what you have to do is put the Campfire in the middle of your home area but this needs a gap in the roof. When you do this, you will give ample space to provide some ventilation. Remember to use Thatch roof expansions to protect your indoor area from the rain. But as mentioned before, we recommend making a Chimney in Valheim for this purpose.

How To Build a Fire indoors campfire in valheim using Chimney
Make a Chimney inside your house by building walls around it and place your campfire indoors.

How to Make a Chimney in Valheim

The best method is to build a makeshift Chimney with the help of some walls around your fire by lowering the floor beforehand. What you need to do is place walls around the fire while leaving the front open. Then build more walls and keep a gap at the top of it which is where the smoke will escape from. Doing this will give you a fireplace inside your home.

So, this is how to make a Chimney in Valheim and make fire indoors. With the help of this structure, you will get the warmth you need to help you sleep in the bed, while also not dying of smoke. You can even come up with some other method to build a fireplace inside your home because there is no one way to go about it. Just make sure that there is enough space for the smoke to escape.

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