What happens when you die in Valheim?

Wondering if there is any afterlife in Valheim? This guide tells you what happens when you die in Valheim.

Well, um, we don’t know how to tell you this, but, you’re actually dead before you get to Valheim. So the story goes that you have actually passed in the real world and are actually sent to a spiritual realm in Nordic culture. In this 10th realm, you find yourself battling mythical beasts that were enemies of Odin himself. This realm is a test of a Nordic warrior’s courage and is a rite of passage to get into Valhalla, the Nordic afterlife. This is one of the most interesting storylines for an action simulator game in recent memory and is a break from the norm. The refreshing take on the graphics is another point of interest for this game. It also has a randomly generating map that makes the game challenging and refreshing.

What happens when you die in Valheim?

Valhiem Respawn Guide

In Valheim death is always around the corner. In fact, as you go on in the game you will find that it becomes a pretty common occurrence. There are enemies abound in the game that want a taste of your cosmic dust after you perish. However, you can also die by more common occurrences such as having a tree you cut to fall on you or playing a game of chicken with a boar, or even getting too friendly with a honeycomb. If you don’t have PvP damage switched off, you can even succumb to the blows of your fellow compatriots.

When you do eventually die you will respawn to the bed that you last slept in, that is if you do have a bed. If you are unfortunate enough to have passed away before you ever got to build your own place you will end up respawning on the original stone circle that you were first dropped onto when the game first began. And if you are lucky enough to have multiple shelters, you will respawn at the place where you last slept at.

When you do die the inventory you were carrying with you at the time will fall down onto the ground. You can however recover them by following the skull icon on the map which indicates the spot where you died. At times you may even lose your experience points that you had acquired.

Now you know what happens when you die in Valheim. Look at how to build a shelter and how to get core wood. For more details do not forget to visit our Valheim Wiki Guide for cheats, boss fights, rare resource locations, etc.