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Ninjala Beginners Guide: Tips And Tricks To Win

Here is everything you need to know to start playing Ninjala. In this Beginners guide, we will tell you all about the weapons, gum attacks, Ippon and more.

Ninjala is a brand new free to play game by GungHo Online Entertainment for the Nintendo Switch. It involves the theme of Ninjas, gum, melee weapons and combinations of many different abilities. Not just that, it also has a huge variety of customization options including hairstyle and hair color changes, Battle Emotes and more. Now, there are many things about the game that you should know in order to win. Your main mission in the game is to get the highest score, so how do you go about it? How to play Ninjala well? Read this Ninjala beginners guide to get the answers to your questions.

Ninjala Beginners Guide – How To Play And Win

Let’s take a look at some of the things you need to keep in mind to get acquainted with the game and eventually win the battles.

Practice, practice, practice

Since there are quite a lot of different weapons and mechanics in the game, it’s best if you enter battles with some practice. That’s because many players have already played the beta version of Ninjala, giving them an edge in the game. So if you want to reach a level where you want to be able to defeat others, knowing the ins and outs of the game is important. Go into practice battles with AI enemies (Training mode) and hone your skills and learn about the perfect timings of using your abilities. This will givw you enough confidence to head into the real multiplayer battles of Ninjala.

Choose a Game Mode that suits you

Try out the Battle Royale mode and the Team Battle mode. In Battle Royale, you can compete with up to 8 players while in Team Battles, you will play as teams and the winning team is the one with the higher score at the end. Initially, when you try out both of these modes, you will understand which type is the one you like to play the most. When you like the game mode, you will start enjoying the process and eventually start winning.

Pick the right weapon

There are three types (or classes) of weapons – Katana, Hammer and Yoyo. Each of them has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Yoyo is better to attack from a distance while the Hammer has more powerful attacks when up close. These are all the weapons in Ninjala:

  • IPPON Katana
  • Scroll Blade
  • SK8 Hammer
  • Sushi Axe
  • Ninja Yo-yo
  • Shinobi Spinner
  • Drill Beast
  • Corn Bow
  • Iron Noise
  • Drum Beat
  • Mellow à la Mode
  • Trick Ball

Every weapon has its own Specials and abilities, so get used to them in the Training Mode and choose the one that suits you best. Also note that Specials have a cooldown period so a strategy needs to be in place while using them.

Your weapon can make or break your chances of winning, so pick wisely. Here’s all about the weapons in Ninjala.

Also, did you know that you can craft big weapons to become more powerful in the battle? Read our detailed guide on how to craft big weapons in Ninjala for more information. Plus, check out our guide on how to break Gum Weapons in Ninjala too, so that you know how to make your opponents vulnerable during combat.

Make the most of Gum

Ninja Gum is one of the most important elements of this game. Ninja-Gum basically lets you craft gum weapons. Plus, there’s Gum Ninjutsu which is something like your Ultimate. If you defeat your foe using Gum Ninjutsu (you have to fill up the gauge for this), you can score an Ippon. We will explain more about Ippon further ahead in our Ninjala beginners guide.

During the battles, you can use various abilities like Gum Shoot, Gum Bind, Gum Dash, Gum Guard and Gum Morphing.

Gum Shoot: With this, you can blow bubbles using ninja-Gum and shoot it towards your opponent.

Gum Bind: A player will enter this state when they go through significant gum damage. During this, the player will be ‘bound’ by gum and will not be able to move. If you manage to KO an opponent during the Gum Bind state, you can score an Ippon.

Gum Dash: To unleash a Gum Dash, blow a bubble and then press B while you are mid-air. This will use up some of your S-Energy, so execute it carefully. S-Energy is what will help you blow huge bubbles and also perform some useful actions, like the Gum Dash, in the game.

Gum Guard: A Gum guard will essentially block normal, wide and back attacks until it gets smaller and then gets destroyed. But if you get attacked by a Break Attack, the Gum Guard will break and you will enter Gum Bind.

Utilize the Gumball Machine

The Gumball Machine will give you Ninja-Gum as well as some Special items. You have to spend some Jala for this. Check out our guide on how the Gumball Machine in Ninjala works for more information.

Use Gum Morphing and Gum Utsusemi

Ninjas are known to be sneaky attackers and that’s what this is trying to be like. Gum Morphing will let you change into one of the objects that are available on the stage. Gum Utsusemi, on the other hand, will let you change into a specific object. This is ideal for those situations when you want to avoid being spotted by an opponent and also recover health. See it here in action:

Destroy drones!

Drones are those robotic objects placed throughout the stage. They are enemies and when you defeat them, you will increase your S-energy capacity. You have to keep destroying Drones because some attacks need high S-energy. So make this a priority whenever your enemies are a bit further away and don’t pose an immediate threat to you.

How does the Parry system work?

A Parry is a situation that will occur mid-battle when two players perform identical attacks. When this happens, it will immediately go into a rock paper scissor style game, where your decisions will make all the difference. Read more about it in our article on how to Parry in Ninjala.

What is Ippon?

Ippon is a way to get extra points in the game. There are a certain prerequisites for this and when you fulfill those and defeat an opponent, you will get a higher score than the usual KO. Here’s more on how to score an Ippon in Ninjala.

Ninja Sense

Since the characters in this game are Ninjas, it only makes sense to give them some Ninja Sense. With this feature, players can estimate the level of their opponent and their distance too. This will help to plan out attacks and choose your enemies better.

Shinobi Cards

You can achieve a lot of skills when you equip Shinobi cards. When you use them with Assist Codes, you can get even better effects. Ninja Medals are useful to level up Assist Codes.

Ninjala Pass and Jala

Jala is the in-game currency that you can use to purchase many items – one of them is the Ninjala pass which costs 950 Jala. We have explained all about it in our guides on what is Jala and how to get it as well as what are Ninjala Passes and its Tiers. Take a look and know more about it right away.

So, this is our Ninjala Beginners guide. It has all the things you need to know before you head into battles and win games in Ninjala. We also have a complete Controls guide, so be sure to check it out. While you are here, read about how to invite friends and change characters in Ninjala.