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What Is Ippon In Ninjala And How To Get It?

You can get a higher score if you get Ippons in Ninjala. What is Ippon and how to get it? Find the answers in this guide.

Ninjala, the much-awaited free-to-play action battle game, is finally live. After a little delay in release, the game has launched amidst a lot of excitement from Switch users. It has a lot of interesting Ninja-related elements like Gum Ninjutsu, Ninja Sense and more. There’s also something called Ippon. If you are wondering what is Ippon and how to get Ippon in Ninjala, you have come to the right place. We will explain all of it in this guide.

How To Get Ippon in Ninjala?


Ippon is a word that has been used to describe some sort of a victory in Japanese games. It has a similar meaning here as well. Your goal in the game is to earn the most points and that can be done by knocking out your enemies, destroying drones and by scoring an Ippon bonus. It’s a little tough to get it but if you manage to do it, you will get more points than a regular KO. To score an Ippon in Ninjala, you have to use your abilities.

When you use Gum Shoots or Gum Break and proceed to knock out your foe, it will be an Ippon. So, to get this, aim to bind the opponent with gum and then keep attacking until you get a KO. When a character is bound by gum, they will not be able to move. Note that your enemy might use a Gum Guard to prevent attacks, so in this case, you can use Gum Break to bind them with the gum.

There’s also another way to get Ippon in Ninjala and that’s by winning a Parry and then knocking out your opponent. What is a Parry, you ask? A Parry will happen when two players attack each other at the same time. We will make a separate article detailing everything about Parry soon, so keep an eye on GamerTweak for that.


So, this is everything on how to get Ippon in Ninjala. While you are here, read our guides on how to invite friends in Ninjala and what is Ninja Sense.