Ninjala Is Now Available for Free on Nintendo Switch

Finally, the new title from the studio GungHo Online Entertainment, Ninjala comes to Nintendo Switch. With a proposal different from many other games, Ninjala starts with the premise of using the powers of Ninja-Gum, with which you can create bubbles to throw at your rivals, create all kinds of weapons, and at the same time, all this will depend on the type of ninja gum of your choice.

In its competitive mode, the game modes are against each other in games of up to seven players, the one that has obtained the most points, in the end, is the one that will win. To get more points, make your opponents an IPPON, a technique to finish off an attack and sell your enemies.

On the other hand, its cooperative mode has games of four against four, so on these occasions, you will have to collaborate in teams. The personalized avatars that Ninjala has included a wide variety of clothing and accessories from exclusive fashion brands. With this, you can stick to a brand or model, although you can also mix.

In addition, you will be glad to know that its content for a player with a 55% discount will be available on sale until July 14. Complete ninja missions to obtain a wide variety of special objects. The story mode can be played alone and does not need the internet, mixing graphic novel elements and dynamic vignettes with action phases.

This content has its first volume available, where there are special items to obtain exclusive rewards that you will not be able to obtain by other means. So, in addition to the story, it will help you unlock content that will not be available from any other means.

Recall that Ninjala is now available for free on Nintendo Switch.

Check the launch trailer below.