Ninjala Nintendo Switch-Exclusive Game Delayed

One of the most important releases for Nintendo Switch in May was the Ninjala, which will only release to this platform and which proposes interesting free Battle Royale experience. Everything seemed to indicate that there was nothing to prevent its release later this month, but apparently something came up that will prevent players from playing it in this month.

GungHo Online Entertainment, the developer and distributor of Ninjala, the Battle Royale game, has just announced in an official statement that the premiere of the title will be delayed for almost 1 month. According to information shared by the president of the company, Kazuki Morishita, due to the problems that arose as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19), Ninjala will not be released on May 28, but until June 25 of this year. With this one, there are already 2 delays in the game in its development time, since it was previously planned to debut in 2019 and then it was announced that it would do so on May 28, 2020.

The developer did not delve into the details about the affections related to the health contingency, but said it was committed to precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease. “We are sorry for worrying everyone who look forward to releasing of this title. We continuously prevent the spread of COVID-19 and develop this game,” said the GungHo president.

Recently, the developer organized a period of several Betas, thanks to which the online infrastructure could be tested. Unfortunately, the response was overwhelming to such an extent that very few people were able to take advantage of limited access to the game, as there were many connection issues.

With this delay, the developer may have time to carry out further tests and ultimately ensure that its online environment is optimal when the game is available in June, but so far there is no information on this.

Ninjala has a new release date: June 25, 2020.