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What Is Ninja Sense In Ninjala And How To Use It?

Let's take a look at what is Ninja Sense in Ninjala and how to use it to your advantage in the game.

Ninjala is a brand new action battle game from GungHo Online Entertainment for Nintendo Switch. It involves the basic concept of Ninjas and melee combat but packaged in a very unique way. The game has a lot of new elements like Ippon, S-energy (Shinobi energy), Gum Ninjutsu and more which players can utilize to emerge as the winner. Since the game is all about characters with ninja DNA, it only makes sense to give them some Ninja Sense. And that’s exactly what the developers have done! So, are you wondering, what is Ninja Sense in Ninjala and how to use it? Keep reading this quick guide to find out.

Ninja Sense in Ninjala

The Ninja Sense is basically an indication on the radar that’s present on the screen. It will inform you about the proximity of your opponents through the symbol of fire. While moving around the arena, you can keep an eye on the radar to decide your next move.

When your enemies are far away, they will be shown as weak flames. But when they come nearer, the flame will become stronger.

Those of your foes who are on the same level as you will be shown in red flames while those lower will be displayed in green. Those players who are higher in level will be shown in yellow. This can surely help you take your decisions while fighting in the game.


The main goal here is to score the highest points in the match. So you need to defeat other players, take down drones and also get ippons to become the star of the match.

So, this is everything that is known about Ninja Sense in Ninjala. If more information is revealed as we progress in the game, we will update this post for any more advantages of Ninja Sense. For more Ninjala guides, stay with GamerTweak.