How To Invite Friends In Ninjala: Play With Friends

Here's how you can invite friends in Ninjala and play this melee-based combat game together.

Ninjala has finally launched! It’s a free to play action video game by GungHo Online Entertainment released for the Nintendo Switch. This game has a wacky theme and concept and the visuals remind us of Splatoon. The combat in this game is mainly melee-based and involves a lot of jumping and running around. It’s centered around ninjas who have to fight each other and earn points. At the end of the match, the one with the most points will win. There’s a 4v4 mode and an 8-player Battle Royale mode too. Plus, an extra Story mode can be purchased as well. But since its main element is online play, let’s take a look at how to invite friends in Ninjala.

Inviting Friends in Ninjala

You can invite up to 3 friends to join your party in Ninjala. You will not be able to become friends inside Ninjala – you have to use the feature of adding friends that your Nintendo Switch has. Here are the steps from Nintendo on how to add friends on Switch. Once you befriend someone through it, you will be able to invite them to your party in Ninjala.


Once you invite your friends, they will get a notification for it and they must give a response within the given time. When everyone is ready, the matching lobby will be opened up.

Here are the steps to follow to begin a Room Battle:

  • Select the icon which has two weapons crossing each other.
  • Choose Room Battles. This mode lets you play with friends online.
  • In the Matching Lobby of Room Battles, the host can change battle rules or even dissolve the room. You can also adjust teams here.
  • Once ready, you will taken to the Standby Dojo where you can practice your fighting skills.


Interestingly, according to the official website, you and your friends will receive more XP by playing together when the Friend Bonus of Ninjala Pass is in effect.

So this is all about inviting friends in Ninjala. Keep reading our other guides as well.