How To Parry In Ninjala – Parry System Explained

Confused about how Parry system works? How to Parry in Ninjala? This guide will tell you all about it!

Ninjala is a close-range combat based game featuring a theme of Ninjas and bubble gums. Yes, it is a unique combo that is making gamers around the world take notice. There is a Battle Royale mode as well as Team Battle mode that you can enjoy. In the Battle Royale mode, you will compete with up to 8 players. The winner will be the one who gets the highest score. To do this, getting an Ippon is crucial. In Team Battles, two four-player teams will fight and the team with the higher score will win. It’s important to note that while playing, there will be moments when a Parry will occur. What is a Parry in Ninjala? How to Parry? We will explain it in this guide.

How Does Parry System in Ninjala Work?

A Parry will occur when two identical attacks will clash with each other. This has to happen at the same time. When you enter the state of Parry, the next thing you should do is you should choose between a normal attack, a back attack or a wide attack. More details on this below.

The Parry is something like a rock paper scissors game that all of us are aware of. When a Parry situation occurs, you will see four directions popping up on the screen. Now, you must choose one of these directions (left or right will constitute for a side attack). Your foe will do the same. The resulting outcome is similar to how a rock paper scissors game will turn out. Since we already know what rock, paper and scissor beats, here’s what you should know about the Parry directions.

  • Up will beat Down and Lose against Side
  • Down will beat Side and Lose against Up
  • Side will beat Up and Lose against Down

Note that this will happen very fast so you have to be ready when you clash. In case both players choose the same option, you will have to do it again. Plus, if your weapon is bigger than your foe’s, you will have an edge during this.

Now, if you end up emerging victorious from a Parry and if you knock out your opponent, you can score an Ippon. For more details on how to get Ippon in Ninjala, be sure to read the linked guide. If you want to leave a situation of a clash, you can Dodge (L) but it will only work if you have enough S-Energy. It will cost you one S-Energy to break away from it.

So, we hope this clears up your doubts about how to Parry in Ninjala. The Parry system has received mixed reviews from players, but as more and more gamers get used to this new mechanic, let’s see if their opinion changes. Meanwhile, be sure to check out our other guides on Ninjala.