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Battle Emotes In Ninjala: What Are They And How To Use Them?

What are the emotes in Ninjala and how to use them? Find out all about them in our Ninjala Battle Emotes guide.

Ninjala has gained a lot of popularity ever since its launch due to its wide range of customization options. Almost every streamer and youtuber playing this game is very impressed with the character customization in Ninjala and rightly so. It’s very extensive! Apart from the usual modifications in the character’s face, hairstyle, color of eyes and skin, there are also different outfits, accessories and emotes. Players can take advantage of all of these to make their battles fun every time. In this guide, though, we will focus on how to use emotes in Ninjala. Let’s begin!

Ninjala Battle Emotes

What are emotes? Well, they are animations that you can use to express your emotions in the battle. This feature has been seen in other games too. You can find emotes in Ninjala from the Closet > Battle Emotes.

When you allocate an emote, you can perform it in the middle of battle. Moreover, you can add an emote for the Battle Start, Victory and Defeat.

The defaults will be Hey There for Battle Start where the character is waving to the camera, Good Job for Victory and Crying animation for Defeat. You have many options to replace them with if you wish.

List of Battle Emotes in Ninjala

Apart from Hey There, Good Job and Cry emotes, these are the other emotes in Ninjala:

  • Disgusted – As the name describes, your character will make a disgusted expression.
  • Shake it – Your character will dance in a funny manner.
  • Wow! – Your character will be surrounded by twinkling stars as he/she acts cutely.
  • Thomas Flare – The famous flare dance move will be performed by your character.
  • Flex – Your character will flex with confidence.
  • Hip Hop Ninja #1 – They will perform a Ninja move followed by a dab.
  • Mudra – Your character will do a stylish and complex Ninja move.
  • Na-Na Boo-Boo – Your character will act mockingly.
  • No way… – Your character will act like they can’t believe what just happened.

So, that’s all about emotes in Ninjala that you can find in the game right now. For more such tips and tricks, check out our Ninjala Guides right away.